I don’t know about you, but over the last few months I’ve been looking forward seeing A Dog’s Purpose. The trailer alone was bringing tears to some viewers eyes. It’s possible we all have to think twice about whether we want to go see the film or not.

The film was supposed to open a week from  (1-27-17) now and there was a press junket scheduled for today.

But a few days ago TMZ got a hold of and released a terrible, terrible video where a dog handler is seen forcing a dog into a water tank, in what looks like something the dog wanted nothing to do with.

Then there was the scene where the dog gets washed down to the other end of a tank and you watch his head go under the water. Divers rush in to rescue him.

All the while you can hear a voice of some callous asshole saying, just throw him in.

The dog on the video is from Birds & Animals Unlimited, a CA-based company that has been getting scrutinized by PETA. For what that’s worth.

The thing is there are so many people in the world of dog trainers that are horrified at what they’ve seen in this video.

TMZ broke this story first then PETA got in on the act. PETA has its own detractors and that’s issue for another day. As it stands, a lot has happened since the TMZ video.

First they released the video via an article titled “Terrified German Shepherd Forced Into Turbulent Water.”

Then they reported that the AHA (American Humane Association) rep that was on set to supposedly protect the animals from abuse has been suspended.

Then the explanations or excuses started coming out of the studio talking about how much rehearsal and training went into the scene before the moment we see on tape at the link. They say that they took a break from trying to shoot the scene and later, the dog was willing and able.

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