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It is Shark Week on the Discovery Channel at the time of this writing and I’m learning some interesting and sad things about the network and its standards.

Days of old, I used to enjoy educational or documentary television. But in today’s world driven by the need for good TV ratings, that landscape has changed to something sad, terrible and desperate. Almost National Enquirer-like. Never mind presenting factual, empirical evidence, but instead they pump up fanciful and exciting stories to make fanciful points. For ratings. In the end the efforts of those well meaning researchers who contribute their information and time to some networks gets lost in the noise of exciting fantasy.

Read on and see what I’m talking about.


Many moons ago, I used to watch The Discovery Channel , the History Channel and the like because they were educational. For the longest time I would absorb what they had to say and I felt like I was getting a real world learning experience.  Plus I thought that viewers were getting a good recounting of actual information on fringe subjects like UFOs, legendary or cult monsters such as Bigfoot and the like.

Then one day Discovery (or a similar channel) was airing a piece on UFOs and a few things hit me out of the blue that were simply plain wrong, aka, purposefully stated in an exciting but inaccurate fashion.

The telecast was preying on the imaginations of TV viewers when they were talking about things astronauts have seen while in orbit. To back up their claim they showed footage of three objects streaking past the space capsule window.

Viewers were led to believe that that these were mystery objects, UFOs off in the distance, shooting by the astronauts location. Which was not completely inaccurate, but none-the-less, they pumped it up to be something it wasn’t.

What disappointed me was that the footage they used to was of known space debris that is in orbit around earth. Plain and simple. But they boosted (code for lied) it to be something mysterious.

Psst: There are more than 21,000 objects in orbital debris around the Earth that are  larger than 10 cm.

In another example they showed a building out in the Mojave desert and accredited it to be in use for studying UFOs, but in actuality, they were so far from the truth that I suddenly saw what lengths that network was going to, to pump up excitement.


In recent weeks, Syfy was airing a special “documentary” titled Aliens on the Moon: The Truth Exposed. What a pile of crap this fictional piece of {whoops!} was.

I could not believe someone put this together with a straight face. But then again, the producer, Robert Kiviat, has a reputation for pulling together fanciful shows like Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files or the faked Alien Autopsy: (Fact or Fiction?), that he pitched at the time, to be real.

I actually watched the Aliens on the Moon show and there were so many sound bites and imagery pulled out of context and words made up to make them seem like things they weren’t that it was pretty scary that someone could actually product this and a network would air this.

The show used crazy pixelated (extreme close up) images to “prove” there are buildings on the moon. Or using images that had lint on the lens, and calling out the lint as proof of something they chose to name.

And the piece where Buzz Aldrin is shown talking about UFOs, was actually him talking about a discarded booster rocket from a mission or jettisoned panels from his ship. Yet they chose to edit it to make it look like, or be implied, that he was talking about his UFO experience.



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