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DISH TV's ad Skipping Technology - The Hopper

DISH is releasing a new Hopper interface in the first week of June. If you decided to just sit back and wait for it to happen, so be it. But if you were eager and asked for an early install, then you were in for some treats with the new interface.

But you might also notice a few other things that they’ve done or changed with the new interface, and I thought you should be aware of them.

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The first thing is that it can take over half-an-hour to execute the update. No biggie there, but after all the warnings to not mess with my remote and what not, when the update was over, it was rather ambiguous about it. I wasn’t sure if it was done or not.

The menu will be a little sluggish at first. But it picks up after a while.

THE BIG CHANGE that caught me by surprise was that the update TURNS ON your “Prime Time Anytime” (PTA) mode and your DVR will start recording everything under the sun. I’ve always run with my PTA off because I don’t have much use for much of it, but after the update, it wasn’t until the second day and my DVR filling up for me to take notice that the PTA was activated. Grr.

Another quirk is how you navigate the various functions you were used to.

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Dish Network Employees Acting Like Comment Spammers? [Consumer Bits]

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