Along with the other new ‘features’ that Facebook has been cramming down our throats, we now also have this crap where we get a Facebook (FB) pop up whenever someone comments on a post we’ve been interacting with.

I find this new popup to be fairly intrusive, which is my code for annoying.

I’m sure, like you, I initially found that you can turn off each individual popup message, but that can keep you busy while it interrupts your desired cruising of your Facebook feed.

But now, it seems I may have found a way to TURN OFF ALL POSTTAB popups.

It seems that this new pupup feature is a part of the Facebook Chat process. At least that’s what I’m thinking, considering how it seems we can turn it off.

Here’s how to turn off Facebook Posttabs

Click the cogwheel/gear icon at the bottom of the chat sidebar (which usually sits at the bottom right of Facebook.)

(If the chat box is not showing at the bottom right of Facebook, you may have hidden the chat box in FBP’s Chat Options, you will need to untick that option to access the Facebook chat options.)

Find the ‘Turn off Posttabs’ option.


And hopefully, no more of that crap.

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