fb purity

Beat Facebook Top News with FB PurityI’m sure you have noticed of late how Facebook has been forcing your feed to always be in the “Top Stories” mode, no matter how many times you set your feed back to your preferred mode of “Most Recent.” (In one hour, just to be stubborn about it, I had hit ‘Home,’ and then ‘Most Recent’ at least fifteen times.) Hence, why I was driven to start using ‘FB Purity‘ on all my lap & desktops.

My guess is that since they force our Facebook phone app to always be in ‘Top Stories’ mode, that they can force it on us on our laptops. I say force, because if you ever go to the lengths they make it to set your feed to ‘Most Recent’ in the phone app, the app’s usefulness is capped off so you don’t want to stay in it.

Recently I sent a message out on my page suggesting that users type over and over,

Give me Most Recent back @Facebook.

That was in the hopes it would catch on and if enough people started tagging the Facebook page with the ‘@’ that they might get the message. Or not.

But regardless, where Facebook does respond to commentary about this ‘Top Advertising’… I mean ‘Top Stories’ mode, they keep telling users that they can customize their ‘Top Stories’ feed to see things they want. But the thing is, most users are simply saying that we want our own feed to be set back to what WE set it to, which is ‘Most Recent.’ It seems pretty clear, but obviously Facebook has some other advertising agenda that is associated with their user base being exposed to ‘Top Stories.’

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