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Sony Bravia LED TV model KDL32EX523 Consumer Product Review from Brusimm.com

A word upfront:  This Consumer Product Review about my Sony Bravia LED TV is not a technical, behind-the-scenes, what’s in the guts, kind of review. I won’t be telling you how many millions of colors my new TV put out (Besides, we can only see thousands of colors), or tiny nuances like that.

No, I’m the average Joe like you, who just dropped some bucks on something, hoping it won’t screw me over.  I’m a regular consumer like you.  When I buy things, I do my research, try to buy smart then tell you what happened after I bought it!

I also want to preface this consumer review article by saying, if you’re loyal to a brand, I understand.  I’m not pushing Sony on you.  It’s the brand I’m learning to be loyal with, unless something else comes along that impresses me.  With that said…

Sony Bravia LED TV model KDL32EX523 side view

In the beginning of September, 2011, I had put out a piece about shopping for a new flat screen TV.  At the time, I had gone through the various factors to think about before buying a flat screen TV because I was going through the process myself and it felt a bit harrowing. [How to buy a flat screen TV]

In the end, I had chosen to purchase a Sony Bravia LED flat screen TV, a KDL-32EX523.  I also wanted an internet-ready TV… that cost a wee bit more, but it was worth it, at least for me.

[Point/Reminder: LED TV‘s are better for the environment because they use LED back-lighting instead of the LCD fluorescent back lighting, which contain mercury]

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