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Any time you pick up a book that Peter Cawdron wrote, you will end up learning something fascinating about science, mathematics, politics or exposed to solid, pragmatic observations about the nature of humanity.  In his prose, he manages to make the headier subjects easily digestible.  And this talent of his continued in his engaging newest book titled Anomaly.

Anomaly puts forth the premise of how we, humanity, would respond to first contact with an alien intelligence.

I once read many years ago that if aliens ever landed on the lawn of the White House, sure, that would be Earth shattering and exciting, but we’d still have to go to work the next day because we’d still have bills to pay, food to eat and what not.  It was a pragmatic perspective from a now-retired UFO researcher.  Peter Cawdron, on the other hand, presents different ideas on the matter.

Anomaly starts out quick as an event takes place outside the United Nations building in New York, where a huge globe shaped piece of air, an anomaly, scoops out a piece of the ground, buildings and what not.  And just hovers.  A huge circular space of air measuring a 130 meters in diameter, proves that after a very short while, it is something very different.  But no one knows what.  And the suspense starts from there and just keeps coming with every chapter.

In the story there are three primary characters. Cathy Jones, a reporter for a local cable company who just happened to be on-site with her cameraman when the event started.

David Teller, an elementary school teacher

And James Mason, the Director of National Security.

Cathy and David meet when she’s looking for a human interest story near the Anomaly, and Teller, leading his elementary school field trip to the site, filled the bill.  But during the interview a child, Susan, gets loose from David’s group and Teller finds her talking to her uncle, James Mason.

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