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Garmin Forerunner 110For some reason, my wife always wants to fully delete her history of runs on her Garmin 110.

If you don’t know, when Garmin’s internal memory space gets full  (Well, mine and hers (I have a Forerunner 305))) will cycle off old runs as new runs are recorded.

For me, I trust in that process and it hasn’t failed me yet.  (Looking for genuine wood to knock on.) And to be honest, it seems to keep a bundle of data on there.  I had an issue the “other day” and had to delete my entire Garmin Connect history.  When I slapped my Forerunner back on the computer, I was resigned to not getting all my history back.  But to my surprise, it still had all my runs in memory.


But the wife wants what the wife wants.  And with that…

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How To Delete Your Garmin Run History

On the Garmin 110, there are a few Official Methods for deleting runs.

Per Garmin:

For Individual Runs:

Press and hold page/menu button until menu appears
Select OK on History
Press up or down button to locate activity to be deleted
Press start/stop and lap/reset simultaneously
Release on buttons once Delete Activity message appears
Press OK on Yes
Wait for activity to be deleted

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