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Google Maps

Over the years Google Maps has pretty much become the default mapping app that most folks use these days. So too, have I become accustomed to the process of using Google Maps. Let’s face it, compared to the other processes, they do have a smoother interaction and usually, superior results.

As of a year or so ago from the date of this post, if you ever set Google Maps to open at a location of your choosing, all you had to do was use that “gear” icon in the lower right corner of the map, and use the options to set your default location.

Once I did that, it was a very awesome experience.

Let’s cut to today, when all the rage and business focus is tapping into your exact location for purposes of advertising to you, and focusing those ads from businesses as close to your location as possible. And that ‘gear’ logo is gone, as is the old way of being able to freely choose how Google gets your location from you.

Or in Google-speak, they’ve made it user friendly and more accommodating to our purchasing needs. Or some such rhetoric.

Over the last several months (at least) I noticed that my Maps no longer opened to the location I set it to.

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