Chromebook Text EditorsIf you have a GoogleΒ Chromebook and you are looking for a simple text editor, here’s a bit of a user-experience/warning after using one of the more popular text editors for a few years. I’ll be talking about Gmail, Text, Caret and your own Chrome web browser as a writing utilities.

A little while ago I picked up a couple of Chromebooks and one of the first things I noticed was that you CAN NOT use any kind of developed or over-the-counter app that is not part of the online Google apps world. It’s a bit of a bummer, so you need to have a Google account like Gmail to use these simple laptops and have them be of of any use. And to be honest, if all you want to do is surf the web, use web portals or social networks like Facebook, and do some light work via Google Apps, you should be fine.

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But if you want to go beyond the basics of Google Docs and other online apps, you’re out of luck. Apps like their Google Docs is fine, but mildly limiting. For one, considering how slow they can act when you load files, even simple ones, could be a frustration point. The other aspect I am not fond of is that in their Google Sheets app, you can’t password protect those files like you can MS Excel. That for me is a bit of a showstopper because I have a few Excel files that I save as password protected files. And I won’t use third party online password file generators and databases because too many times hackers have their way with online based services we trust.

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Then there’s the thing about if you run blogs and type up rough drafts in something other than your blogging platform.

When I write posts for my blog, I tend to do it off-platform or offline of my blog’s application. This way I am not dependent on any kind of internet connection during my brainstorming time of writing. When I’m mostly done with my draft, then I will log on to my blog and copy my content to it, in plain text mode. If you aren’t using Gmail’s draft mode, this is a great way to write without needing an internet connection. And trust me, if you ride Caltrain in the Bay Area region and use Verizon Wireless, you will definitely need to work offline because Verizon’s coverage is spotty in the most surprising of ways. So offline rough draft use it is! (OH, and if you do use Gmail, don’t forget to choose ‘paste as text’ when copying into your blog! Gmail puts a lot of div html flags in their content.)

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Curious SEO Traffic Stats And Chasing Google Traffic, Despite Attracta

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