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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 review

For a somewhat boring “action” film, this was a fun experience, even during the talky parts! And despite expectations, unlike some films that let you down when you have expectations, movie-goers will actually not be disappointed.

Guardians of the Galaxy Toys, Music, Blu-rays and more

Guardians of the Galaxy (directed by James Gunn) has returned to theaters with their sequel, Vol 2. The title coincides with the second tape that Peter (Chris Pratt) found/got from his dead mother. That and now our gang is out for hire protecting this, that and the other thing. Yes, the gang is all back, plus a few more, in this character-driven Marvel sequel.

What was fascinating about this version was that even though the middle act was about as slow as any that I’ve ever seen, it was populated with fantastically engaging dialog that made it as entertaining as it could have been boring. Younger kids will/might find the film a bit slow, but adults will fully enjoy the development of various aspects of our family of dysfunctional friends.

The following could be considered light, Guardians of the Galaxy 2 spoilers, with hints at things. Proceed at your own risk.

The film starts out first in 1980 where we watch “Star-Lord’s” father, (Kurt Russel) enjoying time with his mother, and then we jump to the present where the Guardians have been hired to protect a few batteries in a gizmo. But then after the gig, Rocket (voiced by Bradley Cooper) could not help himself and steals the very same batteries they were protecting. This of course leads them to getting in trouble with their last client, a prissy character played by Elizabeth Debicki, and her minions, when suddenly our intrepid gang finds themselves rescued by a “one inch tall” mystery man. (When you see the film you’ll get the reference, and no, it’s not who you think.)

Then we get to meet Peter’s father, Ego, who turns out to be a powerfully gifted immortal. Who’d da thunk!? But despite Peter’s daddy issues, that being a man who did not know his father growing up, things seem pretty nice at first. That is, until all hell breaks loose.

You see Peter and the gang have a few problems. They have their client coming after them, they have Yondu (Michael Rooker) coming after them, Yondu has his own problems complicating the entire picture coming after him, and then there’s the big bad guy who the Guardians face off against and it takes the entire team everything they got to defeat the bad guy.

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