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ABC Cancels Revenge

ABC announced that they are cancelling Revenge after four seasons. The May 10th episode will now serve as the series finale for Emily’s driven need to exact revenge, which for me, jumped the shark during season three as she ran out of people to set up and take the fall for the death of her father.

I loved the premise of showing up with oodles of money from some unknown source, and taking people out by setting them up to take the fall. It was very “Count of Monte Cristo” like. But as the show went on, it seemed that rather than have an outline of where they wanted to take the story, they were writing the show as it developed.

And for me, it felt like they wrote themselves into a corner as the show went on. It was fun while it lasted but the characters were getting over-the-top for me and the reason for the show faded hard.

I won’t miss it.

Review: Helix on Syfy

Syfy Cancels Helix

Comcast owned Syfy announced that they’re done with Helix and the series will not be moving forward beyond the end of this present (second) season.

The show had a ton of potential fun in it when they were stuck in the secret base out on the Artic ice. But when they resolved that situation in one season, and left that location for “an island,” I was worried it would not be able to hold merit with season one and where would they take the story if the pressure of isolated survivors being threatened, were to move away from that situation?

Apparently it did not hold enough viewers attention, including the 3-day DVR viewing, which many shows tend to survive off of when live ratings aren’t quite up there for advertisers.

Hulu Is Buying Your Attention

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2014-2015 Mid-Season Premiere Dates List

January 2, 2015

All of our TV shows took a break to bow out and give the holidays a bit of time on our TV schedules. Basically, the networks know we are a family focused bunch and we would be busy enjoying time with family and friends. But our shows are due back any day now. So I […]

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SYFY’s Thanksgiving 2014 Holiday Plans and Marathon

November 17, 2014

Thanksgiving: While folks are hanging out with family, friends, their pets or just hanging out on their own, we sometimes turn to the TV for solace as we either digest the feast or just lay low and taking it easy on a much deserved day off. No matter what your plans are, here are Syfy’s […]

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‘Helix’ Series Premiere

January 10, 2014

Helix on Syfy is about an Artic science station where an outbreak of an unknown origin takes place. The CDC responds by sending a few folks to investigate. But they find one mystery after another. That and some resistant “cooperation.” Apparently the pathogen kills most of its victims, but there’s a small percentage that it […]

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Syfy Programming for 2013-2014 TV Season

September 3, 2013

The Syfy channel went hog wild at their upfronts on Wednesday, April 10th, 2o13. First, they mention the renewals of Ghost Mine and Being Human. Then they announce a bucketload of new sci-fi series, the production of High Moon from Bryan Fuller. They tease about a few quarterly multimedia events like Ringworld, Helix, Dominion, Unbreakable […]

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Ron Moore & Syfy; “Walking Dead” Fans; Ridley Scott & Jason Momoa Bits

March 13, 2013

Ron Moore returns to TV with a New Show on Syfy; Overzealous Walking Dead Fans seem scary; Ridley Scott is working on a bunch of new Web Series; Jason Momoa Bit on his not getting the Guardians of the Galaxy role. ================ Ron Moore Has A New Show on Syfy Hey, thanks to buddy/site fan […]

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