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Are you getting tired of saying something on Facebook and having people you really don’t want in the conversation chiming in? Yea, some folks chime in where they’re not needed. But that is the nature of the Book of Face, but there are ways to limit who can see what you post to your own feed.  (Though of late, everyone can see when you comment or like on anything else in the world.)

The best way to limit who can see your post is to…

Create a Facebook List To Restrict Who Can See Your Posts

If you find yourself often changing up who can see posts you put out there, and on occasion, only want specific folks to see specific posts, consider using Facebook lists.

A list is a just that, a list of names, defined by who you add to it. In some cases, you can make a Family List, or a Hobby List. Or a what ever you want list.

Here’s how you can create lists:

On FB, look at the left side of your news feed and you can see EXPLORE. Under that, you should see ‘Groups,’ ‘Events,’ and the like. In that same section is ‘Friend Lists.’

As you can see, FB has been busy setting up lists “for you” that include things you may have in your past or have visited or shown some kind of interest in, over the months.

At the top is “Create List.”

Click it.

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Pokemon Go Tips

This latest rage of a game, Pokemon Go, has captured the imagination of millions. When I walk out into the local park and neighborhood, so many people can be seen chasing Pokemon. It’s amazing! I’ve seen people come together, parents playing with their kids and even how everyone is out getting accidental exercise!

But this engaging new interactive, electronic version of Pokemon has its ups and downs associated with it.

People aren’t looking where they’re going. They’re walking off cliffs and driving their cars into things. These kinds of behavioral distractions can be dangerous for everyone, including the non-players.

You could call this a type of Darwinism.

So my advice for non-players is to be extra vigilant for folks with their heads down in their phones, when they’re walking or I guess, even in they’re driving.

For the players themselves, below are some “Pokemon Go” tips that I’ve collected for my own gaming.

– – –

Tips For Playing Pokemon Go.

Here we go…

-Walking around and picking up Poke balls gives you experience points. Keep walking. It’s good for you on many levels. Walking helps hatch eggs too.

-As you walk and gain XP (Experience Levels), better things come out of those Pokestops or Poke ball dispensers. Plus bigger and better critters start showing up.

Don’t spin the Pokestop? They say that you don’t have to spin the disc, that just hitting the ‘X’ will automatically give you what’s there to be had. I do a quick starter spin then hit the ‘X.’

How you catch a Pokemon can get you extra points.

First time throw/catch gets you 10 extra XP. Long throws seem to get you 10XP. Curve balls also get you extra points, but how you throw one is curious at best because when I don’t follow those instructions, I still sometimes get points for curve balls.

Keep collecting the same Pokemon over and over. Each one comes with its own supply of Pokecandy and stardust. You can use these creature-specific candies to help power up and evolve the stronger critters when the time comes.

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I Can’t Turn On My Samsung S6, Help!

May 10, 2016

The other day my Samsung S6 froze up on me and I could not turn it on or off. Find out how I rescued myself and how I fixed by Samsung S6. – – – The other day I was watching a video that I had downloaded from Amazon (because Netflix does not have that […]

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Learn To Fly That New Drone

January 4, 2016

So we have our brand new drone. And I’m sure that we all followed the rules and if our new drones weigh more than .55 pounds, we registered it with the FAA, because, we are all now pilots! And I am wondering how many new drone pilots have lost or broken their drones already? I’ve […]

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May 26, 2015

Buying A New Camera Can Be Mind Boggling This report/experience comes from around mid-2014, and is an observational consumer experience based on my focusing on three brands of camera only: Sony, Nikon and Canon. If you’re looking for the all around review of all the cameras out there, this is not it, but my source […]

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How To Fix A Garmin 110 Blank Screen [Consumer Fix]

June 29, 2013

The other day I was plugging in my Garmin 110 to charge it.  I saw the Garmin logo, then the screen went blank.  Blank, blank.  Nada. A dead screen and nothing was responding blank! Yikes!  What will I tell the wife when she comes looking to use it? In my desperation, I scoured the web […]

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How To Fix The Power/Lock Button That Isn’t Working

May 30, 2013

So the power/lock button seemed to stop working on my Motorola RAZR.  But I found out how to fix it. – The other day my wife’s Verizon Wireless Motorola RAZR’s power/lock button stopped working.  The phone screen was black and we could not wake it up.  I thought the battery had died. But when we […]

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Disable Automatic Image Resizing in WordPress

April 21, 2013

Ever wanted to disable the automatic image resizing function in WordPress because you have too many files on your hosting server?  Yep, me too. – The other day I had noticed that my website hosting company, HostGator, did not back up my account.  When I inquired why, it seems that they have a patience threshold […]

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How To Center Images in Feedburner Newsletters

April 15, 2013

I’m sure there are a ton of you out there that continually scratch your head as to why your images never show up centered in your email newsletters from Feedburner? Up until recently, so did I. I’d fire off a post, everything is good, but then in the email newsletter, the images were always left-justified […]

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How To Use Pinterest and Why Use It?

April 14, 2013

Ever wonder how to use Pinterest?  Or why, as a site owner or blogger, you should? Pinterest is one of the more fascinating new social networks to come along in a while.  In Pinterest, they make no bones in catering to the mindset of the internet users who seem to cater to the imagery of […]

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Stopping That Pesky SearchIndexer!

November 20, 2012

The other day I had updated my windows OS with “critical updates” and one of my gifts that came along with that update was the SearchIndexer.exe being kick started to run in the background. I don’t need or like stuff running in the background that I don’t think I need.  (If anyone remembers my battle […]

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Gmail Text Size, and Some Keyboard Shortcuts for Gmail

October 14, 2012

The other day I was plodding around in Gmail… wait, other day?  I’m in my Gmail accounts almost every hour!  But back on point, I was tooling around and I was not sure what I did, but suddenly all the text on only my Gmail page was fairly tiny.  All my other browser tabs were […]

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How To Block SPAM Email That You Actually Asked For In GMAIL [Consumer]

July 19, 2012

I have an account I use to sign up for contests and experimental accounts.  It’s very handy to have because no matter what the websites or contests say, it’s inevitable that you WILL start receiving email from some of these entities. In some cases, it’s a requirement to sign up for news letters to be […]

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A Cool Redirect for Scraped Image Content: Stop Hotlinking

February 9, 2012

I got tired of sites hotlinking to my images and killing my bandwidth. So I blocked the hotlinkers! Find out what I did…

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Did You Know You Can or Have To Set Your Garmin 305 To Record Splits? [Consumer]

January 3, 2012

Setting Splits on Your Garmin Forerunner 305… it doesn’t come out of the box recording splits automatically, but did you know it can be set to record splits?

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