john carter of mars

Any fan of Edgar Rice Burroughs, you may very well be familiar with the upcoming John Carter of Mars movie, based on the 11-volume “Barsoom” book series.

The John Carter of Mars movie is based on the first story published that had John Carter in it, A Princess of Mars.  As far as I’m concerned, John Carter ranks right behind the Tarzan series, but extended the fantasy beyond the world we know as Earth and expand on the fiction with the angle of science fiction behind it. (I believe both characters came about in literature in the same year, 1912.)

Generally speaking, John Carter is an American Civil War vet who finds himself transported to Mars, where he discovers alien life, local strife and a planet that used to be Earthlike but has slowly become less habitable as the planet devolved through time.

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About Friday Night Lights

January 23, 2011

About Friday Night Lights

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Princess of Mars on The Syfy Channel Review (Ouch!)

June 9, 2010

If anyone out there caught any or all of the movie Princess of Mars on the Syfy Channel last weekend, I pity you.  I tuned in for the first 40 minutes (Which would be about 25 less TV ad time) and tuned in for another 20 minutes just before the ending.  My thought was that […]

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Friday Night Lights Powerful Matt Episode – A Review (6/4/10)

June 4, 2010

This is an episodic TV review of tonight’s episode (6/4/10) of Friday Night Lights. It was a powerful episode as we watched Matt (Zach Gilford) deal with the loss of his father.  There was a lot of minutia about dealing with the caskets, the funeral services and Matt finally starting to break down near the […]

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Breaking Bad on AMC Premiere Reminder

March 3, 2010

Just to keep you on top of things, and in cases where my sources seem to be selective, I thought I’d toss out for the Breaking Bad fans out there a quick reminder that Breaking Bad is premiering its third season on AMC on Sunday, March 21st. Breaking Bad stars Bryan Cranston, whose portrayal in […]

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