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Mia Kirshner, Graham Greene, Julie Benz, Grant Bowler, Stephanie Leonidas, Jaime Murray and Nicole Muñoz in 'Defiance'

I’ve had the opportunity to check out Syfy’s newest offering called Defiance. and I think this will be a show that grows on you.  It seems that show creator Rockne O’Bannon has taken his Farscape mindset and created something that will reward the patient genre fan.

For the impatient readers:  What I’ve seen so far, the series has good solid story telling, with enough suspense and action to keep everyone happy.  And if you think you’re not sure about it, give Defiance a few episodes just to make sure.

In this piece, I show you the official synopsis, give you some prequel background on the franchise prior to the pilot episode and then talk about the what I saw.  In short, it’s a slow burn of a good story.

Syfy’s new TV “experience,” called Defiance, premieres on Monday, April 15th, 2013.  It stars Grant Bowler (True Blood), Julie Benz (Dexter), Jamie Murray (Warehouse 13), Stephanie Leonidas, Dewshane Williams (Being Erica),  Nicole Munoz (Defying Gravity), Brittany Allen and more.

Julie Benz and Grant Bowler in 'Defiance'

It’s written & executive produced by Rockne O’Bannon (Farscape), Kevin Murphy (Desperate Housewives, Caprica), and Michael Taylor (Battlestar Galactica). Kevin Murphy is the showrunner.

The Official Synopsis of Defiance goes as follows:


From Syfy and Trion Worlds comes a revolution in entertainment: powerful scripted drama and a massive online world, united for the very first time. Set on a transformed Earth in the near future, events in the show will impact the game, and players will impact the show, creating an unprecedented immersive experience.

“Defiance” introduces players and viewers to a world where humans and aliens live together on a planet ravaged by decades of war and transformed by alien terra-forming machines. It centers on Jeb Nolan (Grant Bowler), the law-keeper in a bustling frontier boomtown that is one of the new world’s few oases of civility and inclusion. Nolan is a former Marine who fought in the alien conflict and suffered the loss of his wife and child in the war. The trauma transformed him into a lone wanderer in the wilds of this new and dangerous world.

Defiance is directed by Scott Stewart (Legion, Priest)… Defiance is produced by Universal Cable Productions.

Before coming into the premiere episode of Defiance, you do need to know the history of events that leads up to what you are about to see in the series that takes place in the year 2046.

Defiance Newspaper fr tumblr

Prequel Background of the Defiance Story:

In our near future, a group of aliens known collectively as the Votans come to Earth looking for a new home after their star system is destroyed.  They thought Earth was uninhabited.  They’d like a place to live but humans respond to the Votans with hostility and suspicion.

After ten years, the Votan and human governments were finally about to figure things out when a Votan ambassador is assassinated by a human supremacist on live TV. This starts the war between the humans and aliens known as the “Pale Wars”.

In 2030 one of the Ark fleets mysteriously explodes and is referred to as the apocalyptic “Arkfall” event.  Millions of Votans who were still in hypersleep died during Arkfall.  But more importantly, pieces of the ships rained down on Earth and the Voltan terraform technology that was on board gets released.  This causes radical changes to our planet, where suddenly, Earth is a dangerous place for aliens & humans alike.

A ceasefire was finally negotiated in the Pale Wars but very little organized government exists and both sides end up developing groups of factions. It’s in these regional factions that human and Votan militias band together to survive this “new” planet.

Meanwhile, debris from the destroyed Ark fleet occasionally plummets to Earth.  It’s both a hazard and salvage opportunities for those on the surface.  If the debris don’t kill ya, the advanced technology that comes crashing down can make you rich!

About the Show:

The year is 2046 and we find ourselves following Nolan, who was only ten-years-old when the Votans arrived in 2013 and he served in the military during the war.   The first few episodes of Defiance picks up, with the war over, Nolan (Bowler) returning (well, ends up in) St. Louis to find that it’s nothing more than a border town that’s been renamed “Defiance.”

Trenna Keating and Stephanie Leonidas in Defiance

He travels with a young companion named Irisa (Leonidas), but it’s not what it appears to be.  You’ll see what I mean when you watch the show.  Regardless, they make a good team when it comes to confrontations, though she’s a bit quick to being hot-blooded.  (She’s the one with the knife in the above production still from Defiance)

They find themselves ending up in St. Louis, or what’s now called Defiance, with the archway in the background, and through several situations that take place, he finds himself in the position of the Chief Lawkeeper in Defiance, and now protects the town from the various situations that take place between humans and aliens.

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