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Normally studios keep details about their upcoming movies to a minimum until just before they open. But with more than a year and a half out, WB is starting to drop hints via Zack Snyder on what’s up with the upcoming Justice League movie. Which is odd. Is WB nervous enough about the film to start dispensing press about the film? Considering what’s happened with their films so far, I would not be surprised.

Be it as it may, here’s the update that the press world has received so far…

Justice League film itself:

Snyder is saying that this film will have a lighter tone than Batman V Superman (BvS). Though to be honest, I hope they figure that out because usually their humor isn’t always on-mark. I guess this is in reaction to the dour tone the BvS film had. And I won’t mention WB’s knee-jerk reaction to BvS by reshooting Suicide Squad to make it more exciting, but without substantial filler.

Cinema Static movie review of Batman v Superman

But then again, these characters are not Marvel characters. They are very serious characters, so obviously there will be a bit of a deviation from core film characters.

Part of this lighter tone will be Ezra Miller’s character, The Flash. He’s going to be young, fun and full of life. (Of course, I can’t wait to see how they handle Flash, the movie character and Flash, the TV character.)

It will not be a two-parter, but a stand-alone story. That’s good, because I hate when they make multi-chapter films.

Snyder isn’t feeling too much pressure from the BvS “flop.” Meaning, BvS didn’t make a billion at the box-office like everyone on the studio side expected it to or wanted.

Batman V Superman, on Amazon

Though to be honest, the way Snyder hodge-podged together the elements of BvS, as if the film were only for hard-core fans, worries me that he’s going to make another critical flop. He left a lot of development filler out of the opening act, leaving fans who never read the comics a bit confounded as he jumped around with developing details.

You can see what I really thought of Snyder’s BvS project and how he screwed it up for all movie fans, here, at Brusimm’s sister site, Cinema Static: How Snyder Screwed up BvS.

– Batman

They’re going to make Batman more sardonic, meaning more dark, grim or cynical humor as Batman works to bring the JL team together. (I’m OK with that… if they do it right)

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