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'Da Vinci's Demons' from starz, a quick outline of a review

Starz new period series, Da Vinci’s Demons, is from show creator David S. Goyer. (His other credits include the Dark Knight trilogy from Christopher Nolan, in which they’re not shy in letting us know.)  It stars Tom Riley (Monroe) as Leonardo Da Vinci and the breathtaking actress Laura Haddock (Upstairs Downstairs, The Inbetweeners Movie) as his sexual focus of conquest.

Leonardo Da Vinci is an actual person, but with the word demons in the title, it’s a bit of a heads up, or warning if you will.  And being on Starz, well, there will be skin.  Of that they make no qualms and instantly let you know it as the show starts.

But this series premiere planted so many story plots into the first thirty minutes, and even more plots in the closing minutes, that some might call it overwhelming while others call it a warning.  And one of my test viewers hanging out with me looked at it and almost instantly dismissed it because it looks or felt just like Spartacus.  (Upon initial reaction.)

Leonardo da Vinci (Tom Riley)

Da Vinci’s Demons starts with a hint of gay sex and nudity (man butt) right off the bat… just in case you weren’t sure that gratuitous nudity wasn’t going to be a part of this new Starz series.  Hey, if it’s a premiere subscription channel, that’s the trademark.

Then we watch Da Vinci experiment with a new invention… on his poor victim… I mean assistant.

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