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The Visit review

The Visit, from filmmaker M. Night Shyamalan, can be a very tense film experience, but not necessarily for the reasons that you think! It’s a slow build that is worth the wait while you find yourself becoming vested in our characters throughout the film.

Before this film, M. Night Shyamalan has had some bit of a tragic road bump in his production career and you would think he’d go back to the basics that got his name in lights.  But instead, he forges on in new and old territory by teaming up with the production company who gave us Paranormal Activity, and that alone, kept me on my toes.

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The Visit is much along the lines of Paranormal Activity, where we watch two kids who are aspiring cinematographers, document their week-long vacation stay when they are sent to their grandparents house while their mother takes a cruise with her new boyfriend.

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Some time back when I first saw After Earth when it premiered on one of my pay channels, I had a very hard time getting past the first 20 minutes. And I bailed on it. But I had a chance to watch the movie again (there was NOTHING else on TV) and I watched it again and had an interesting epiphany.

Despite his floundering career and string of entertainment disappointments, M. Night Shyamalan, I think, approached the making of After Earth like he did The Last Airbender. If you look at the movie like it was aimed at children, at a youthful audience, it suddenly makes more sense and feels like less the painful failure than I first perceived it to be. And if he didn’t, OMG, WTH?

But if I recall, the marketing felt like it was aimed at the adults of the world and thus, it seemed to fall short of any box office survival, making $61M domestically and $245M worldwide. (Overseas tickets cost more…)

After Earth stars Will Smith as Cypher Raige and Jaden Smith as his son, Kitai Raige.

The story goes that Cypher has this ability to be completely fearless and thus, able to defeat a certain alien beast that senses and locates people only by the fear they exude.  His son… not so much.

Cypher, in an attempt to bond with his son, decides to take him along on a simple transit through space, but the trip gets sidelined and ends up crashing on what was once Earth. And all kinds of things have evolved that are simply not friendly. Not to mention that the cargo of the ship also had one of those aliens. (Why we bring our kid along on a ship with one of those death-dealing alien monsters? Meh? Who knows?)

During the crash landing, Cypher is hurt and has to talk Kitai through a journey to find an emergency beacon that came down a few days travel away, in the tail section of the ship. (Everyone else is splattered and dead)

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Proof – From Marti Noxon & M. Night Shyamalan – A New Project To Syfy

August 4, 2012

–M. Night Shyamalan (The Sixth Sense, Signs, Unbreakable) is coming to TV for the first time and he’ll be working with Marti Noxon (Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Mad Men, Glee), bringing with them a produced pilot called Proof to the Syfy channel. Shyamalan and Noxon will be working together writing and executive producing the Syfy […]

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Movie Review: 2010’s ‘Devil’ by M. Night Shyamalan

September 17, 2011

Movie Review: 2010’s ‘Devil’ by M. Night Shyamalan

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The Last Airbender, A Review an Opinion & A (Good) Warning

December 11, 2010

The Last Airbender, A Review an Opinion & A (Good) Warning: This movie review of The Last Airbender was a learning experience and of course, an eye opener. I came into it with one mindset and when it was done, I had a different take on the movie altogether. In the end, just know that I think your kids will love the movie, though you may have to be answering some questions after it “ends.”

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Last Airbender Is Getting Trashed by Movie Reviews

July 1, 2010

The Last Airbender was going to be my first 3D movie experience, but today I went online to check out what folks are saying about the movie from the many chances to read a movie review.  For me, I have 1 movie reviewer whose opinion I trust explicitly.   I know how he approaches movies […]

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SIGNS from M. Night Shyamalan – A Cinema Static Retrospect

May 5, 2010

This movie review is about the 2002 movie, Signs from M. Night Shyamalan.  Signs comes from a fascinating perspective during a worldwide disaster, of a single family and how they deal with certain aspects of the event. Despite the fact that probably millions of people have seen this movie already, I’m writing it from two […]

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