max martini

Spectral is not a bad film. It’touches on basic premises but it’s fun to kill some time with and to be honest, it does not disappoint.

Directed (and written) by Nic Mathieu (Um…  this is his first credit!), it stars  James Badge Dale, Emily Mortimer, Bruce Greenwood, Max Martini, and other military looking type folks, needed to fend off, run from and die at the hand of this completely unconventional enemy.

The film starts out with a lone soldier taking refuge from an enemy we can’t see yet. His entire squad is gone, it’s only him. And from the way the guys on the other end of his radio are acting, this lone dude is one tough mother.

But something has him rattled. There’s no stopping this enemy, as it steps up and comes into view, then with a burst of speed, it phases right through our first victim, as he drops dead from the mere contact of this enemy. Yes, I said passed through.

This sets his comrades on edge and events take place that force our military heroes to have to consider facing off against this new enemy.

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ABC’s ‘Revenge’ Is A Well Written Get-Even Kind of Story

October 11, 2011

Though ABC’s REVENGE Is A Well Written Get-Even Kind of Story, I worry about the survival of the show as ratings drop a little bit each week.

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‘Pacific Rim’ Adds a Fave Actor to the Monster Fray!

July 27, 2011

‘Pacific Rim’ Adds a Fave Actor to the Monster Fray!

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