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American Assassin review

American Assassin is pretty much your ‘by-the-numbers‘ type of secret agent takes on the international bad guy scenario. But it did not totally disappoint. It gave you everything you might expect from a rogue assassin going hell-bent on killing the enemy.

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American Assassin stars a new pretty-boy action hero, Dylan O’Brien, along with Michael Keaton and Taylor Kitsch. It’s an adaptation of Vince Flynn novel series, called “A Mitch Rapp Novel.”

It’s directed by Michael Cuesta whose movie directorial experience includes a lot of television programs like Homeland, Elementary, Dexter & Six Feet Under. His movie experience includes L.I.E., Kill The Messenger, & 12 and Holding.

“When Cold War veteran Stan Hurley (Keaton) takes CIA black ops recruit Mitch Rapp (O’Brien) under his wing, they receive an assignment to investigate a wave of random attacks on both military and civilian targets. After discovering a pattern of violence, Hurley and Rapp join forces with a lethal Turkish agent to stop a mysterious operative who wants to start a global war.”

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Even though I came into American Assassin having only seen one trailer, I ended up being able to predict events with this film, which is saying something, because I usually get more absorbed in the stories and don’t have time or desire to analyze a movie story as I watch. But I wasn’t that challenged to try and decipher the story or upcoming events.

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