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13 Eerie movie review:  This is a movie about forensics undergrads looking to secure a coveted training spot with the FBI.  They’re competing in a live forensics examination on cadavers placed around an old penitentiary island.

But things go awry when we discover that there’s a black goo in barrels around the island.  And from there, well, you know where it’s going.  Right?

The cast of 13 Eerie consists of some sci-fi favorite actors like Brendan Fehr, Michael Shanks, Katharine Isabelle (American Mary, 30 Days of Night: Dark Days,TV: Being Human) and Brendan Fletcher (Keep an eye out for this guy, he’s a busy actor and my guess, sooner or later, he’ll find a great fan base).  You might recognize Brendan Fehr (X-Men: First Class, on TV: Bones, Samurai Girl and some Syfy movies) of the Roswell franchise, and Michael Shanks from Stargate & Smallville.

It was directed by the somewhat unknown Lowell Dean and produced by Don Carmody [Resident Evil franchise, The Factory and Silent Hill: Revelation.  He also has Boondock Saints franchise work on his resume!].

Michael Shanks plays the stern, no-nonsense test instructor who runs the facility while Brendan Fehr is one of the undergrads.  And yes, he can sort of pull it off, being a college student.

The movie was filmed on location at the city of Moose Jaw’s former Wild Animal Park (Moose Jaw is located in south-central Saskatchewan, Canada ).

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