molly fyde

I just finished the four-book Molly Fyde series, The Bern Saga, from author Hugh Howey.  And wow.  What a fun read and I had to toss out a quick review!

Molly Fyde, The Bern Series from Hugh Howey, a reviewThe Molly Fyde series starts out like any other story or series.  We meet our primary cast of characters, we get caught up in their personal situations and follow Molly Fyde as she ends up on a quest to find her parents old ship, the Persona.

Parsona Rescue reviewBook 1 (Molly Fyde and the Parsona Rescue) It felt like a well written piece, with the standard story of personal quest and challenges around every corner.  The pace was quick and to the point, unless it wasn’t.  But you never know it wasn’t to the point until you got past the moment and realized that what you just read lead up to THIS moment.  It was like having a huge and entertaining puzzle unraveled for you, one page at a time.

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