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NBC Universal logoNBC beat the other networks to the punch with their new 2011/2012 TV season lineup schedule announcement, TV Line has revealed.

They’ve (TV Line) also spent some quality time chatting about a few issues that folks might have had questions about, most notably, Chuck, Wonder Woman being dropped, and changes that might be taking place on Law & Order: SVU in the upcoming 2011/2012 TV season.

The notable changes:


Chuck is moving to Fridays for its fifth season.  And this is slated to be their final season, with 13 ordered episodes.  But because they are headed into the fifth season, knowing it’s their last, they can approach the story line properly and leave the fans with closure.  (I’m thinking they’ve learned from the lumps and bruises they’ve taken when they cancelled shows like Vegas in mid-cliff-hanger and most recently, Stargate Universe on Syfy channel.)

There won’t be any more episodes ordered, unless, as NBC president Greenblatt said, they suddenly find themselves with 10 million viewers on Friday night, then they’d order more.  (Hint, hint… tell everyone you know fans!)

30 Rock will show up mid-season, along with Celebrity Apprentice & The Voice.

On NBC NOT picking up Wonder Woman

It was said by NBC President Bob Greenblatt that they needed to have the right take on Wonder Woman, in this genre, and he did not feel that the pilot did that.  Though he admitted that he wasn’t the best audience for the genre, in so making that decision.

A Cinema Static Suggestion on Wonder Woman:

Despite not picking up the series, I think they should set up the pilot as a stand-alone movie and air it… even if they shuttle it over to the Syfy channel.  It could not be any worse than some of the frighteningly poor quality knock-offs they run on Syfy and would probably make a great Saturday Night Original Movie.


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