TAKEN series premiere review, ug!After watching the series premiere episode of Taken on NBC, I have to say that it left me feeling a bit hollow inside. Not to mention that the first episode pretty much set off all my “premiere warning bells,” during that premiere episode.

The premise is:

A young Bryan Mills (played by Clive Standen) must fight to overcome personal tragedy and exact revenge on those responsible in this modern-day origin story behind the “Taken” film trilogy. Still reeling from his devastating loss, Mills is quickly recruited by the leader of a covert CIA operation to work on her team – a job that awakens a very particular — and very dangerous — set of skills in the former Green Beret.

The film series, Taken, on Amazon.

I’m not sure who thought this would be a good idea, because I wasn’t sure about the idea of taking a premise like the origins story of Bryan Mills and putting it to paper. Don’t get me wrong. I thought it was a good idea. The creative team behind the show had the entire world available to them. But then they seemed to totally miss the mark for me.

First things first… the series starts out this Mills sister getting killed in a botched attempt to stop bad guys by Mills. Except the bad guys he stopped weren’t even the guys that killed her on the train.

But then the bad guys are caught and all is said and done.

Except suddenly we have, I can’t count, how many covert organizations pursuing Mills from out of nowhere and he seems to be ready for them. Except that in his scuffles with the bad guys, it’s not the same Bryan Mills we saw in the Taken films. This is the punching bag Bryan Mills edition.

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February 28, 2017

(Even Tudyk looks suspicious of the TV ratings of Powerless) NBC‘s Powerless is nothing more than a thinly veiled sitcom wrapped within the world of DC‘s land of vigilantes and meta humans. And it’s even failing at doing that. It feels like even the creative team behind the show has no clue how to handle […]

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The 2016-17 Fall Season TV Schedule

May 31, 2016

As things stand today, this is what the upcoming 2016-17 Fall TV season is stacking up to look like: ABC: MONDAY: 8:00 p.m. Dancing with the Stars 10:00 p.m. Conviction TUESDAY: 8:00 p.m. The Middle (new day/time) 8:30 p.m. American Housewife 9:00 p.m. Fresh Off the Boat (new time) 9:30 p.m. The Real ONeals (new […]

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NBC 2015-2016 Fall TV Season Line-up

May 26, 2015

For the upcoming 2015-2016 fall TV season, NBC has dumped genre series Constantine, State of Affairs, About a Boy and a few others like American Odyssey. The most excellent show, The Blacklist, stays on Thursdays, but has the weirdest lead-in, with Heroes Reborn, which is the continuation of the older genre series, Heroes. Below are […]

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WTH Happened To Last Week’s GRIMM Episode? Minority of Fans Dissed

March 23, 2015

Last Friday night (Mar 20, 2015) was supposed to be the night that Grimm returned from a short hiatus. And for many it appeared that it did. But then there was a small (?) majority of folks who got screwed over by some blasted basketball game that we did not want to see, but had […]

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ALLEGIANCE Axed, DATELINE Blacklist To Replace

March 10, 2015

I hope you were not hooked on NBC’s Allegiance. That’s because NBC cancelled Allegiance due to poor TV ratings (as far as they are concerned) and cut it off at the knees after five episodes. Despite IMDB user ratings hitting mid-sevens. There are eight more episodes from this season left but there was no word […]

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Entertainment News For The Week Ending 2-20-15

February 20, 2015


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NBC Renewal Announcements: Was THE BLACKLIST, GRIMM, And Others Picked Up?

February 6, 2015

NBC announced renewals for several of its shows, while curiously, one particular series is missing from the announced lineup. For those of you who like The Blacklist, Grimm, Chicago Fire, Chicago P.D., or Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, you are in luck because they have been renewed for the 2015-16 TV season. Not on […]

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January 23, 2015

Today’s TV news bits include some reality TV news, The Walking Dead preview clips from their upcoming mid-season premiere, a bit about Syfy‘s new show, 12 Monkeys, and the TV schedule news for ice skating on NBC. So You Think You Can Dance It’s official, Paula Abdul is Fox’s reality TV go-to girl! Fox announced […]

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THE BLACKLIST Moving To A New Night

November 17, 2014

Right now The Blacklist is on its mid-season break. It is in its second season and stars James Spader, Megan Boone, Diego Klattenhoff and Harry Lennix in what I think is some of the better entertainment on TV this year, Sons of Anarchy and The Walking Dead not withstanding. Red (Spader) is the ultimate international […]

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A Look at NBC’s ‘Grimm’

December 30, 2013

If you haven’t caught NBC’s Grimm, and you like the kind of show where evil monsters are smite and innocent humanity is saved, then this is the show you have been looking for. If you’ve been watching, but on a time-shifted basis, there will be some season three slight spoilers. Grimm is like the modern […]

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NBC 2013-2014 Fall TV Season Lineup

May 16, 2013

The upcoming 2013-2014 Fall TV season saw some popular and not so popular TV renewals and cancellations from the season before. NBC network is bringing six new series and a few more in the mid-season. (did you notice that Grimm moved back to Friday nights.) Check it out: Monday The Voice (two hours) THE BLACKLIST […]

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Incredible MUST See Video of Ice Attacking a House

May 13, 2013

Folks, this needs to be shared, plussed, retweeted or what have you! This video is so amazing that I have just got to share this with my readers… this is amateur video of a blanket of ice creeping towards houses on a lake front in Minnesota. It boggles the mind, because the first moment I […]

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2013-2014 TV Series Renewal & Canceled Lists

May 10, 2013

If you are curious what TV shows have been renewed for the 2013-2014 Fall TV Season for ABC, CBS, NBC and the CW, look no further. (This will be an ongoing article, getting updated as networks release the news to the press.) (updated 4-27-13) – 2014-15 Fall TV Season Premiere Dates – As the month […]

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NBC’s Bay Area Deceptive Boston Marathon Coverage

April 17, 2013

Of all Big Four networks, NBC was the only network to produce… or advertise for a special covering the tragic events that took place earlier that day at the Boston Marathon. The special’s ads were timed well, as there were other ads for news programs with the big names of their network delivering up-to-date news […]

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2012-13 Season Finale Dates

April 15, 2013

This is an updated compilation of the 2012–2013 season finale dates for the networks, as they announce them. I previously had ABC, CBS and NBC listed, and I’ve now added FOX to the list of when shows are ending their present seasons. And May is going to be a busy month! – The Good Wife […]

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The Voice Season 3 Finale Quickie Recap and the Winner is…

December 19, 2012

The season finale of The Voice, season 3, finally brought the singing competition to a close. This year as as good as any of the other two seasons, except for the fact that my favorite pick didn’t pull it off. But that’s OK. The finale episode was jam packed with guest star performances by Rihanna, […]

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TV News Bites for Mid-Season Premieres, Law & Order SVU; CW’s Cult & Bravo

December 11, 2012

Hey gang! I thought I’d toss out some reminders on mid-season premiere TV news, a bit on Law & Order SVU, what the CW is replacing Emily Owens with, and a few new shows that Bravo is ordering up. – First and foremost… I wanted to remind you that a few networks have released their […]

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