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News this week includes

  • ALIEN movie from Neill Blomkamp?
  • AMAZON has new shows coming,
  • SNL
  • SYFY’s New Shows

ALIENS from Neill Blomkamp

Space Jockey from Alien

A bit ago Neill Blomkamp (District 9, Elysium, upcoming film Chappie) had released some concept art (.instagram.) on an idea of his to do with a continuation of the Alien franchise. The content he released, stuff he was just playing around with, got people talking, because, you know, someone farting can make press.

Keep in mind that this would be a continuation of the older film series, not that Prometheus thing that had one of the stupidest scientists I have ever seen. His idea included Ripley and Corporal Hicks teaming up again.

But it was just fictional art.

Now the man himself has said on his instagram account that it’s officially his next film. With no more details.

But let me make a prediction here. (Not a bad one.) In his last few films there were two common threads in his stories, or as I like to call them, trademarks of his. One is destitute tent cities and the other is that the cast will include Sharlto Copley in a major role.  I only say that because Copley has been in every film he’s made so far. Including the upcoming Chappie. I have a tough time deciphering accents and Copley’s is tough for me.


Since Netflix and Amazon are now producing their own content that does not hit the TV first, I thought you would like to know that Amazon is committing to five more new web series for their Prime Instant Video queue which will start showing up in late 2015 and into 2016.

They are…

The Man in the High Castle, an adaptation of Philip K. Dick’s novel;

Mad Dogs which is a dark comedy from Shawn Ryan;

A documentary series titled The New Yorker Presents;

For the kids, Just Add Magic and The Stinky & Dirty Show.


WTH? We have not heard a single peep out of WB or DC about this film, except that they juiced up some promo banner with better quality detail.

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Elysium, from director/writer Neill Blomkamp (District 9), takes place in 2154.  Earth is overpopulated, making for an impoverished, third world planet.  As overcrowding takes its toll with disease and other aspects, the wealthy got together and created the space station Elysium to get away from it all.

'Elysium' review

Elysium has all the finest things that money can buy, including medical technology. It’s perfection.  On Earth people struggle to survive from day to day.

We’re given an in-depth introduction to Max (Matt Damon), from when he was a child in an orphanage to his adult days, where he’s a parolee trying to go clean in this harsh, automated world.  During the intro, we also meet Frey (Alice Braga).  Frey is Max’s good friend, but obviously she went in a professional direction while Max went the car thief direction and got busted for it.

Matt Damon in 'Elysium'

Now he’s clean, letting his probation time run down while working a thankless job in a police robot factory.  Of all places.

But something goes horribly wrong and Max finds himself in need of the medical technology on Elysium.  This leads him to hooking back up with some old “professional” peers to help him get up to the infamous space station and doing a job for them.

Sharlto Copley in 'Elysium'

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