Being A Vegetarian

by on November 27, 2017

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Being Vegetarian, Easy and Hard all at once

This is a piece about becoming a vegetarian and dealing with the world around you and not about choice or what’s right or wrong for any one person. It’s an observational piece. We all make our own choices, like whether we want to ingest cigarette smoke or not, eat smoked foods or not, drink alcohol to excess or not, play in the middle of the freeway or not. We are a self-selecting species and will defend our choices to our deaths, no matter what. And that’s fine. I just wanted to get that out there.

I’ve been married to a vegetarian for 10+ years. She became a vegetarian after she took an animal husbandry class and saw how the animals were treated and I get it. But I, like most, just never gave it too much thought. When you’re at the counter or table ordering, you’re like, “Hmm, I’ll have that burger with all those non-meat toppings please.” Right? But people actively disengage from thinking about those big doe eyes or sweet disposition cows can have. We can’t dwell on that while chomping down burgers or steaks. Right?

Vegetarian Cookbooks on Amazon

But then one weekend in February of 2017, my wife was out of town and I was feeling lazy so I started making shredded cheese and shredded lettuce burritos. They turned out yummy, lightning fast to make and I liked it! A lot. After that I started focusing on acting like a vegetarian to see how it goes.

To be honest, it’s been going surprisingly great. I feel no different, I’m maintaining my muscle mass and I have literally no after-meal bloat, no more food comas and I don’t have to eat until I’m stuffed to feel full. In fact, after a decent vegetable-based meal I feel satiated without being full. It’s a light kind of full.

It’s easy being vegetarian, but…

Yes, it’s pretty easy being or acting like a vegetarian. For one, when lunch time rolls around at work, if I think about going out, I have fewer options. But that actually makes lunchtime a less complicated and healthier process.

But as the days ticked by, I started noticing just how many options there are for vegetarians and these days, they’re pretty tasty options out there from companies like Gardein, Morning Star Farms, Quorn, Tofurkey and more.

If you have a taste for certain things, it’s amazing how they’ve started replicating healthier versions of things you might have a need for like “wings” or “fish” filets. But the classic veggie burger patty is still also pretty amazing, because they’re making them in so many different varieties of flavors and seasonings.


Let’s talk about a few elephants in the room.

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