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Chaos Walking book three Monsters of MenA book review from of “Monsters of Men.”

I Just finished the third book in the Chaos Walking book trilogy, titled “Monsters of Men.”  The series is written by Patrick Ness.

The Chaos Walking trilogy presented to us a world where men’s thoughts transmit through the air, so there are no secrets there.  It’s also a world where animals limited level of chatter is also something you can hear.  These few attributes make this story stand out, giving it a unique edge or level of angst to experience while reading the series.

The first two books were solid building blocks to this third and final chapter in the Chaos Walking trilogy.  This third book, “Monsters of Men,” brought the story to fruition in a rather satisfying way, but in a very frustrating momentum.  (That’s meant to be a compliment to the writing of this book.)

This third chapter was probably the most engaging of the three because even though the first two books were compelling but mildly slow, they put it all out there for it to come together in this third chapter.

If you haven’t read it yet, SPOILERS Are Abound

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