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Wonder Woman 2017 review

Wonder Woman, under Patty Jenkins‘ creative control, busts out from the Zack Snyder mold and delivers one hell of a story, from beginning to end. And finally, an origin film that doesn’t bore the living crap out of us. Seeing it in theaters will be worth whatever you spend on it. And this, from a comic fan who never really cared about the character in print, has become a huge convert today after experiencing this film.

Oh, and there ARE NO POST-CREDIT scenes for Wonder Woman that you need to stick around for.

You can leave when the story is over! That’s refreshing. (Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy Marvel’s post-credit scenes, but I do hate it when they, or anyone else, forces you to sit through al the credits. That’s a load of crap, and half the time I bolt because I hate waiting.)

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There will be light spoilers for the Wonder Woman film.

The film starts out in the present, goes back to the way past to touch on Diana’s origin, then we settle into the slightly more recent past after she finds Steve Trevor in the waters around her island.

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