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'Iron Invader' 2011 on the Syfy ChannelLast weekend the Original Saturday Night movie on the Syfy Channel was Iron InvaderIron Invader involves a meteorite that hits the Earth, bringing with it it bacteria that brings metal objects to life and when alive, the giant metal objects can kill humans with a mere touch by draining the metals from a person’s blood supply.

Iron Invader cast included some familiar faces from other Syfy Channel series:  Kavan Smith (Stargate Atlantis, Eureka, Red: Werewolf Hunger), Paul McGillion (Stargate Atlantis, Sanctuary), Donnelly Rhodes (Battlestar Galactica, Hunt to Kill, Tron: Legacy), Chris Gauthier (Eureka) and a few others.  Very few others.

If you’ve read my reviews you know that I look at a project as a team effort between writer, director and actors.  This movie was directed & written by Paul Ziller (Ice Quake, Stonehenge Apocalypse) and I don’t know what went wrong. The movie came across as if this was the first cut and no one was going to let the editor do more than a once-over to prepare it for the telecast.

Kavan Smith came off flat and stiff and the acting was just a bowl full of predictable, Saturday night movie acting.  And here I had started thinking that the movies were starting to get better for this particular medium!

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Emilie Ullerup Newest Project Update: Witchslayer & First Look Promo Art

June 6, 2010

Today Emilie Ullerup (Riese, Sanctuary) “announced” her newest TV movie project by having posted some first look  promo art for her latest project and it’s titled Witchslayer! I cannot find any other information on any TV movie or otherwise for anything titled Witchslayer. I may be the first site, aside from Emilie’s Facebook account that […]

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Sanctuary Season Finale – “Kali”

January 16, 2010

Sanctuary capped off their 2nd season with a humdinger of a 2-hour season-finale episode that involved a tiny spider, a huge spider, mystics in training, Major Zod… I mean Callum Blue and a seriously hot looking mystic interpretation of Big Bertha named Kali, played by the very beautiful Sahar Biniaz. There’s trouble in paradise, or […]

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