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Maelstrom by Peter Cawdron, A book review

The teaser for Maelstrom, by Peter Cawdron reads as follows:

“Tunguska, Roswell, the Bermuda Triangle, the Mary Celeste… For hundreds of years, the danger posed by colliding worlds has been ignored as a crackpot theory, until now, and now it’s too late.

Maelstrom contains three novellas set in the Colliding Worlds universe (Collision, Impact and the conclusion, Maelstrom). Collision was commissioned by Vanquish Motion Pictures for possible development in film or on television.”

Maelstrom on Amazon.

Even though I’ve enjoyed many of Cawdron’s books, it’s been a while since I picked up a book by Peter Cawdron and I am glad a snagged this dinosaur stomping time adventure! Or… is it a parallel world adventure?

Books by Peter Cawdron.

Maelstrom starts out as a curious medical mystery of a sorts in a hospital in China, where an odd, large mute of a man is trying to get medical help for what would appear to be his father. But without words, and a closed-minded perspective about “his people” from the locals, it’s a brawl that breaks out instead, with local security and hospital guards being littered all over the lobby.

Until one doctor steps up with compassion and understanding, and helps this “man” with the medical needs of his father.Β But this doctor sees beyond the obvious and takes note that this is no regular “man,” and after some tests and deduction, realizes she is looking at an amazing scientific curiosity, a man out of time.

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October 30, 2015

Don’t be fooled by the title. It has a meaning, just not what you think. But it keeps you thinking all throughout the read… why this title? When will the impact or meaning of it going to hit the reader? It has been a long time since I read a book that I call a […]

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Review of Peter Cawdron’s ‘Xenophobia’

January 27, 2014

Xenophobia, by Peter Cawdron, is the tale of first contact and just how well or poorly humanity handles the situation.  And to be honest, I see this tale from Peter Cawdron as a pretty insightful prediction of just how first contact could go down, if it were to happen. In Xenophobia, Earth is visited by […]

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Peter Cawdron’s SHADOWS

January 11, 2014

Hugh Howey has started something, and something big. Hugh is successfully self-published, writes content everyone loves (I’m happy to say I was a very early adopter of his work), he’s readily available to chat with media folk, and he’s hit the golden dream of having his indie work sold for movie rights (Wool movie rights […]

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Review – Peter Cawdron’s ‘Little Green Men’

September 2, 2013

I don’t know about you, but I seriously hate it when I pick up a book and after I’m a chapter or even a paragraph or two in it, I just can’t put it down. Well, the science fiction tale titled Little Green Men, by Peter Cawdron is just that kind of book. Sneaking extra […]

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Book Review of ‘The Road to Hell’ by Peter Cawdron

July 26, 2013

–Peter Cawdron is the man behind Anomaly, Monsters and other great books.  This time around, he’s left the outer cosmos of space behind (Or out in orbit) and tackled a futuristic Earth and a classic suspense “who-done-it” thriller called The Road to Hell.  And you will be surprised by who did “done” it! To be […]

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Star Trek into Darkness Review

May 17, 2013

Hey folks.  This movie review of Star Trek into Darkness starts here on Brusimm, but the bulk of the review is posted over on science fiction author Peter Cawdron’s website, Thinking Sci-Fi. – This is a non-spoiler movie review of Star Trek Into Darkness. Into Darkness is the 2nd movie in the J.J. Abrams reboot […]

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Peter Cawdron Reviews ‘Oblivion’

April 15, 2013

Peter Cawdron, the author of such great hits as Monsters and Anomaly, had slapped his perspective on the new Tom Cruise & Morgan Freeman movie, Oblivion. It’s due out in theaters here in the U.S. this Friday, but being in Australia, he saw there before the rest of us after it opened on April 11th.  […]

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What Is “Science Fiction?” Hugh Howey and Peter Cawdron Chime In

March 3, 2013

What is SCIENCE FICTION?  Where should the limits of science end and fiction begin?  Does fiction alter the reality of science or should science stay hard-core and true to its nature?  Should sci-fi never bend rules or can it take a fanciful step in one direction of another to make a successful story or franchise?  […]

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Peter Cawdron’s “Anomaly [Book Review]” – An Eye Opener About First Contact

February 18, 2013

Any time you pick up a book that Peter Cawdron wrote, you will end up learning something fascinating about science, mathematics, politics or exposed to solid, pragmatic observations about the nature of humanity.  In his prose, he manages to make the headier subjects easily digestible.  And this talent of his continued in his engaging newest […]

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Top 15 Science Achievements from 2012… Wait, What?

December 31, 2012

Most websites this time of year are going on and on about the top movies, TV shows and other consumer-like entertainment venues.  It’s not a bad idea, with all those objective lists of what’s best and not best, per most writers.  Me, The Avengers was the top-dog movie for me.  The Dark Knight Rises, The […]

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Monsters by Peter Cawdron – Where Science is Foul and Reading is Outlawed

December 27, 2012

This is a book review of Monsters, by Peter Cawdron, who paints an ugly and yet, believable portrait of how mankind can devolve into a barbaric species with no technology, and how humans grasp at the fantasy tales of men who could fly or how they used to talk to each other over great distances […]

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An Exclusive Interview with Galactic Exploration Author, Peter Cawdron

November 21, 2012

The following is an interview via email that author Peter Cawdron was gracious enough to grant myself.  Peter is the author of a collected series of science fiction stories stories titled Galactic Exploration.  I found it to be an engaging read. [Book review] Through a series of most fortunate events, I was lucky enough to […]

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Galactic Exploration by Peter Cawdron; A Review

October 4, 2012

The book, Galactic Exploration, by Peter Cawdron, is a compilation of a few short stories that explores a couple of ideas behind mankind’s efforts to explore the cosmos beyond our little neck of the woods.  And it does so in a fairly easy way to understand the scientific principles yet explained in a rather digestible […]

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