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Do You Ever Worry Your Favorite Actor Isn’t Doing More TV or Movies?  There are days when someone you really like seeing in a role, just disappears from the screen, both big and small.  Sometimes, it’s because of good things like retiring to run their own animal reserve, sometimes it’s because they’re in jail or en-route with their lifestyle, and sometimes, it’s because of something better… for them.

still of Mark Harmon in NCISThe other day on my post about ‘Sean Murray is Not Sick,’ a discussion broke out in the comments section about how Mark Harmon doesn’t seem to be doing much else besides his role of Agent Gibbs on NCIS.

But what’s surprising is just how Mark has his eye set on the future and he has been doing things to advance his career and staying employed.

That’s because he’s been working behind the camera as well as in front of it.

NCIS has been on the air for 10 years/seasons now, and to Mark’s credit, he’s actually achieved the title of producer and executive producer for almost 100 episodes of the popular JAG spin-off series.  And he has done other things, but not so much like other actors.

Mark Harmon has voiced Superman in the 2010 animated film, Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths and he appeared in the 2009 movie Weather Girl.

Aside from NCIS, he’s executive produced the 2012 TV movie Joey Dakota and the 2011 TV movie, Certain Prey.  Which he also starred in.

So he is starting to take control of the creative end of things, but just not so much in front of the camera, like some fans would like.

still of Pauley Perrette in NCISPauley Perrette, on the other hand, is a busy girl.

She’s produced a documentary called Citizen Lane, that’s in production right now, and has bee in in several projects this year (2012).  She’s voiced Lois Lane in Superman vs. The Elite, and Sarah Connor in Terminator: Termination.

She also had a stint on a show called FCU: Fact Checkers Unit.

David McCallum has also gone the voice talent route.  If you watch Ben 10, you may have caught his verbal mannerisms as Paradox.  Or as C.A.R. in The Replacements.

He’s also voiced Zeus in the 2009 animated Wonder Woman project, voiced Alfred in Batman: Gotham Knight.

Sean Murray on the other hand is focused.  Since the NCIS season premiere in 2003, he’s done nothing else but his portrayal of Special Agent Timothy McGee.

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Of course, the phenom of actor turn director isn’t special to NCIS.  In fact, quite a few actors have pulled up the directorial chair.  Some have done exceedingly well, AKA, Jon Favreau, and some, maybe not so much.

Mel Gibson has taken his crazy behind the camera.  Peter Berg, Ben Stiller, George Clooney, Ben Affleck, Ron Howard, Woody Allen & Clint Eastwood have parlayed their inner creative beast into something special over the years.

More that come to mind are Jodie Foster, Robert Redford and the like.  The list can be pretty huge so I’m keeping this limited to just what pops into my head.

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