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WILD CARD w Jason Statham, A Review

Wild Card stars Jason Statham and is directed by Simon West (The Expendables 2, Con Air, The Mechanic (2011)), is a second film adaptation of the novel, Heat.

The short description of the film is,

A bodyguard (Jason Statham) goes after the sadistic thug who beat his friend, only to find that the object of his wrath is the son of a powerful mob boss.”

What is interesting is that unlike most Statham movies where all three acts involve violence with some dialog, this film seems to be a venue where Statham is attempting to pull off a dramatically based character.

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Statham plays Nick Wild, a security consultant who drifted into Las Vegas and never left. His luck is a bit dour, and his mood, nearly the same. His security gigs keep him afloat, but not much more. And he likes drinking when he’s not being depressed.

But the one thing he does have, is a sense of right and wrong. And when Nick comes to a situation where he has to pick either a paying gig or finding the men who raped a friend of his, he chooses the friend. But unfortunately, her evil-doers put Nick right in the path of the one thing he’s avoided his entire time there in Vegas, the mob.

But one thing leads to another and there you have it, Jason Statham in the middle of it, kicking and punching his way out of things.

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