Telemarketers Are Evil

So who is this entity behind the telemarketer whose phone number comes up as (424) 239-5373? Who claim to be with “VR Interview?” I’ll tell you what they are. They’re rude, annoying and conducting illegal telemarketer practices.

How we came to know this phone number is that they started calling my wife.

Over the last four days, they called her TWELVE TIMES. After a couple of calls my wife even managed to say “Do not call” to the caller on the other end. Then they called right back. What kind of asshole does that?

Usually illegal telemarketers will not engage in conversation. The moment you start even muttering anything about not wanting them to call, they hang up so they legally can say they never heard you say the magic phrase.

But this one, the second my wife answered her phone, would say “Do not call me!” They heard. And then called her right back.

On Tuesday, July 19th, 2016, they called her SEVEN times. She, like many others, had to block the number to stop this aggravating assault.


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If you pipe in “who is 424-239-5373” in your search engine, you’ll see that on websites like 800Notes, Number Guru, Directory Wiki Info, and Who Calls Me, that this number is based out of the Los Angeles region, and some think more specifically, out of Beverly Hills, Carson or Compton area.

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Beware the spam

A few weeks ago I was reading an online article talking about one online background investigation website that seems extremely thorough in the records it can dig up about you.

The reporter at the time was surprised/impressed or shocked at how much dirt they dug up on his own test of the site.

I got curious and went over to the site to see what was up. There was a suggestion that I could get a free introductory BI (Background Investigation) for checking the place out.

Also, at the same time, I decided to use my spam email account. You know the one… I use it when I am doing online contests, or say, testing some business offers, or even communicating with Craigslist ads. I never use my own personal email for crap like this.

Up until now, my spam email account has been pretty boring, averaging five or ten junk emails per month over the last few years.

So I went off to this BI site, went through the hurdles of a report, which, per the site, or at least seemingly, it kept me waiting for a very long time while it “ran” its course of looking me up.

For all I know it was saying one thing, then setting off a stopwatch and keeping me waiting, considering how fast the internet can be. And there’s a reason I am saying this.

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