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Under the Dome is a new chow coming to CBS, and it’s a show based on a science fiction story written by none other than Stephen King and published in 2009.  It’s due to premiere in June, 2013.

The story (in the book) takes place in Chester’s Mill, Maine, when from out of nowhere, an invisible barrier or dome settles over the region, cutting everyone off from the outside world.

With this mysterious dome in place, the story quickly becomes another reflection on how humanity deals with itself under certain situations when left to our own devices.  (Much like The Mist, which BTW, is a great movie.)   And if it’s one thing I’ve noticed about King, he’s good at portraying the various states of mind in a pressure situation.

And in this situation, it’s about finite resources and personal challenges.

And when the show comes to a close, they already have an end in mind.  And it’s different than the book.

For one… if true, I’m glad if they do change the end.  I’ve never been fond of how King ends many of his stories.  They seem curt and quick.  But then again, I’ve seen showrunners lie through their teeth to throw you off guard, and then stick to what you suspected.

We’ll see how it does.

Neal Baer (Law & Order SVU, ER) will be the showrunner and executive producer and the cast includes

  • Mike Vogel (Bates Motel) as Dale “Barbie” Barbara,
  • Rachelle Lefevre (A Gifted Man) as Julia,
  • Colin Ford (Supernatural) as Joe,
  • Natalie Martinez (CSI: NY) as Deputy Linda,
  • Dean Norris (Breaking Bad) as James “Big Jim” Rennie,
  • Alexander Koch as Junior Rennie,
  • Britt Robertson (The Secret Circle) as Angie McAlister,
  • Nicholas Strong (Nashville) as Phil,
  • Jolene Purdy (Gigantic) as Dodee,
  • Aisha Hinds (Cult) as Carolyn Hill.

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Now if you’ve read the book and think you know what might be happening, be prepared.  The producers have served notice that the book is a good starting point, but they will be deviating from it.  Which might be a good thing, because if the TV series ended like the book, I think fans would get aggravated.

Check out the press release…

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