Matt Riley in memory of, SUPERNATURAL

At the end of the Supernatural episode that aired on January 20, 2015, titled “The Hunter Games,” ended with a memorial,

“In memory of Matt Riley, 1971 – 2014”

Upon a quick bit of research I discovered that Matt had appeared in a single episode of Supernatural back in 2006 when he played a firefighter. He was also in a single episode of Breakout, back in 2010. He also was in the 2007 bit, Zombie Town.

On Facebook, Supernatural alumni Jim Beaver wrote,

“So it is with real sorrow that I’ve learned that one of our SUPERNATURAL family died on New Year’s Eve. Matt Riley was a sweetheart of a guy, quiet but with a great smile and a charming spirit. It always made me happy to see him on set. I don’t know what happened, but it’s hard to imagine this terrific young man being gone. Rest in peace, Matt. We’re all diminished by your loss.”

In a later statement on his feed, Beaver called Matt a longtime stand-in for the show.

Matt lay pretty low on the public radar and there is very little out there about him.

With that epiphany, then all I can say is his friends and family have our condolences. I’m so sorry for your loss. RIP Matt.


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