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I am personally disappointed in my Kaz made Honeywell Quiet 16 Fan

For a long time I have been looking for a fan that does not roar and drown out my TV or other sound sources. And I finally found one in the form of the Honeywell Quietset 16 fan. It is wonderfully quiet, nearly silent with those big blades. First impressions were awesome!

But there’s something afoul with the product.


For $50 (from Target) you would think you would get a quality product but instead, I got a fan that fails within a year of purchase. The first time, I thought it was a fluke, and I liked it enough to have bought four of them over four years. And each and every one of them failed.

If you think about it, since summer only lasts a few months a year, that is a piss-poor life span if you have to replace your fan once a year. Or once every few months.

Thus, the Honeywell QuietSet 16 Fan, has been made to the same piss-poor standards for years.

Sure, I bought a few of them, but they were so nice that I kept hoping that Honeywell would get their shit together. Apparently they don’t need my money or future support for that matter.

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The problems I ran into:

In one case, after a few months, the fan started making a squeaking noise that woke the dead. I added some WD 40 but that only helped for a few weeks until it started sounding like metal sandpaper sheets grinding against each other.

Having blind and misguided (looking back) faith, I headed out to Target and dropped another $50 on a new one.

The next two fans made some noise, but the blades slowly stopped spinning on us. Then one day, we hit the ‘on switch,’ and that was that. Dead, or grinding, I did not like the idea of running a potential fire hazard at night while we slept, as the motor overheated on us.

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