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Most websites this time of year are going on and on about the top movies, TV shows and other consumer-like entertainment venues.  It’s not a bad idea, with all those objective lists of what’s best and not best, per most writers.  Me, The Avengers was the top-dog movie for me.  The Dark Knight Rises, The Hunger Games, Twilight Saga, and so on…  the people have spoken with their wallets through the year and you can’t argue with the masses, regardless of opinion.

But instead, I thought I’d present what author Peter Cawdron calls the top science achievements from 2012.

To be honest, sure, we all like movies, but it’s scientific achievements that help our world and society move forward.  It’s a wondrous time we live in, with smartphones and GPS, and Facebook, Twitter, and the like.  Sure, we grumble about these things in our lives, but 15 or 20 years ago, you couldn’t sit down at a computer and say hi to someone on the other side of the world so easily.  Or reach out and touch other people’s imaginations with your own creative content that you distribute in blogs.

It’s a wondrous time indeed.

But Peter honed in on some achievements last year where he makes great points.

Voyager cruises on and leaves our solar system, all while traveling at over 38,000 mph for the last 35 years.  Good luck Voyager, don’t bring evil aliens back our way!

Curiosity landing on Mars was pretty big.  We actually touched back down on another planet with near real-time telemetry and control between JPL and the remote explorer.  I just thought it was sad that NBC couldn’t break into the Olympics with even a ticker-tape announcement that the event actually happened.

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