the confluence series

Book Review, Fluency, by Jennifer Foehner Wells

Fluency (Confluence Book 1) & Remanence (Confluence Book 2) are from Jennifer Foehner Wells, and to be honest, I found these first two books to be a refreshingly light read while not skipping on the science in the story, making them fun page turners to sink into.

The Confluence story starts out in Fluency when NASA discovers in the 60’s what looked like an alien ship holding station in the asteroid belt. They dubbed it “The Target,” and kept an eye on it. Over the years, while watching it, NASA led the public to believe they were exploring the universe with their exploratory satellites, but what was really happening was that they were keeping an eye on The Target until they could rally the technology to get out to the ship.

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Through the years, the Target never moved, never transmitted any kind of signal, sitting like a dead derelict out there.

It’s the modern day present and we meet linguist Dr. Jane Holloway, as she’s approached by NASA to join and lead a small team of astronauts on an expedition to the Target. Reluctantly, she concurs.

After dozens of months of training and then being cooped up in a small capsule with several other characters, the time is near as they approach this mammoth space-faring vessel. But as they approach, docking lights turn on, bay doors open and a singular, lone voice rumbles inside Jane’s head, saying “You are home.”

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