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'The Dark Knight Rises' character rundown

I happened to have slapped in The Dark Knight Rises in my Blu-ray player to kill some time. I had no ulterior motive but to pass the time. But then it being a Christopher Nolan film, that tends to make me watch with more of a keen eye than most movies.

But after watching the film, I indeed, had a few inquiries!

If you haven’t seen The Dark Knight Rises, and plan to, then either proceed at your own risk or go away. A few spoilers are likely to spill forth was I speak my thoughts here!

You’ve been warned.

The Dark Knight Rises spoiler conversation

We all love our “movie conjecture” games and we all love it when filmmakers create the kind of content that helps make these moments keeping us wondering long after the final credits have rolled on the big silver screen.

Such is the case with Agent Coulson appearing to die in The Avengers. Thus we wondered if Bruce Wayne survived the A-bomb explosion at the end of The Dark Knight Rises.

We all “knew” that this was Christopher Nolan’s last Dark Knight themed Batman movie. It was the trilogy-closing chapter. In it we saw Bruce confront Bane, get broken, and come back. We were introduced to “Robin,” of sorts, and we were also introduced to how the mantle of the Batman could be carried on.

But as the movie winds down, and Bane’s A-bomb threatens everyone in the city, it’s up to our hero to save the day.

But there were so many curious moments or mentions to distract us from a clean ending.

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