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Northwoods book review

This is a quick book review of Northwoods by Bill Schweigart is the sequel to The Beast of Barcroft, and the second chapter of The Fatal Folklore trilogy.  This second chapter pulls together a few good premises and even though it felt like a slow start to the story, I was hoping that the same fun I had in the first book would kick in. And sure enough, it manages to deliver like I am coming to expect from Bill Schweigart.

Yes, I came back for more and I’m glad I did.

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At first, because we already know the primary characters, the start of the story felt a bit slow to me. We were already introduced to these folks, so there was not much new to absorb about them. In this second chapter we discovered what had taken place in their lives in the months that followed the events in Barcoft, and sure enough, when something strange started to take place in Minnesota, Severance came a callin’ in his usual style of flippant, arrogant rich adventurer who can buy anyone he wants, whenever he wants.

As events unfold it took almost the front third or more of the book to really get me reading obsessively, but once it caught my attention and our team, Ben McKelvie, Lindsay Clark, and Alex Standingcloud were assembled by the wealthy cryptozoologist Richard Severance to investigate the situation, away we went.

Ben was grumpy about how Severance pulled everyone together but went any way. Lindsay, well, she liked the potential of what this could turn up, and Alex, well, events that caught Severance’s attention was pretty much developing in his backyard, so to speak.

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