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This is a movie review of Thor, from Paramount Pictures.  It stars Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Tom Hiddleston, Kat Dennings, Stellan Skarsgård & more.  It’s directed by Kenneth Branagh.

It was Saturday, mid-afternoon at the Redwood Century 21 movie theaters.  It’s an excellent facility. The first crowd came out and everyone was smiling from having just seen the movie. Excellent first real-time movie review. My theater was about 90% full for Thor.  Don’t fret, it was an early showing.

Thor starts out as we’re watching Jane Foster (Portman) chasing a weather phenomenon and after a few events in this opener scene.  We then switch to Asgard and backtrack a bit to see how Thor (Chris Hemsworth) gets himself banished to Earth by dad, Odin (The venerable Anthony Hopkins).

The story evolves from there, alternating between Earth and Asgard as the two plots that depend on each other, develop in each realm, respectively.

Each, depending on or supplementing events in the other, to one degree or another.

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'Thor' movie poster God of Thunder Character sheet

Paramount Pictures held a press conference for their upcoming movie, Thor, starring Chris Hemsworth.  The press conference took place at the Bristol Hotel, in Paris.  Below are a few images of the public appearance made by Chris Hemsworth and director Kenneth Branagh.

'Thor' Press with Chris Hemsworth and Kenneth Branagh

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