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(Updated 5-12-15) The upfronts are right around the corner (the week of 5-12-15). This is the time when networks sell ad time to the advertisers that pummel you with those overly loud and sometimes senseless TV commercials.

The money spent by advertisers for ad time from TV and cable networks is crazy. The advertisers spend around ~$15-20 billion per season!

SO as the networks look to sell ad time, they start announcing their new shows, renewals of popular shows and the shows that are no longer moving forward, or cancelled.

With that said, here’s the list of shows that have been cancelled for the 2015/2016 TV season. The list includes shows that ended their runs already or have been announced this week as cancelled.


  • A to Z,
  • About A Boy, (cute show, but…)
  • Allegiance,
  • Backstrom, (We were never given a reason to care about him)
  • Bad Judge,
  • Battle Creek, (Rumored)
  • Constantine, (We never cared about the main character)
  • Cristela,
  • Forever,
  • Glee,
  • Gracepoint,
  • Hart of Dixie,
  • Manhattan Love Story,
  • Marry Me,
  • Mulaney,
  • One Big Happy,
  • Parenthood,
  • Parks and Recreation,
  • Red Band Society,
  • Resurrection, (Cute mythical mystery, but…)
  • Revenge,
  • Selfie,
  • Stalker, (This was a good show, but not enough folks caught on)
  • State of Affairs,
  • The Following,
  • The McCarthys, (Rumored)
  • The Mentalist,
  • The Messengers,
  • The Millers,
  • The Mindy Project (But Hulu has picked up for two streaming seasons.)
  • The Taste,
  • Two and a Half Men,
  • Utopia.

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Since I just gave you some bad news about shows you might have enjoyed, here’s a list of shows that are returning for the 2015/2016 Fall season or this upcoming 2015 Summer season:

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