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This is a short disposition on why I am no longer playing the dangerous road condition points games with my Waze app.  And thank you Waze, AKA Google, for enticing me away from these dangerous driving habits.

The other day my wife needed a new battery for her cell phone and it was not a simple fix since our Motorolas (AKA the Hong Kong based Lenovo) has sealed bodies, we could not change them out ourselves. Well, at least not easily. SO off to the Verizon store I went. I ended up getting new phones for both of us. Technically, they’re new batteries, right? In the process, I’ve achieved divesting myself of our horrible Motorola phone experiences. (Why I’ll never buy another Motorola Phone Again) This also ended my 10-year embargo on Samsung products, since I ended up with two new Samsung Galaxy S6’s.

(MY sympathies to those who still have their Motorola phones and still experiencing the alleged ‘Planned Obsolescence’ experience.)

But I digress.

The reason I am no longer playing the Waze points Game was that when I got my new phones one of the first apps I installed back into my phone life was my Waze App, the app could not connect me to my old profile that had accumulated thousands of road points.

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