brusimm YOUTUBE channel terminated

If you’ve come across any post on this site where the YouTube video is not available, well, that’s not a glitch, but rather, a problem I’m having from YouTube.

Last week someone lodged a complaint with YouTube that my uploaded video, “Pacific Rim – Full Movie Clip # 1,” was in violation of community standards. YouTube erred on the side of caution and shut down my entire channel. (I ran into this with an Iron Man movie trailer last year, so this isn’t my first dance with this issue of movie clips and trailers being in violation of some rule, per some user flagrantly pinging my content.)

The only issue that I can think caused this might have arisen from a commenting asshat who had to leave a comment on the video that it’s a trailer, not a clip. (You know that kind person I’m talking about who sends sharp-tongued criticism from behind their keyboard.) I presume having lost the conversation, the user filed the complaint.

Since I used the wrong term of clip instead of trailer, I think that’s the technical reason for being in violation of YT Community Guidelines: misleading verbiage to pitch my content.

I’m working on it and will update you in due course to the resolution of the situation. Though, to be honest, I think I’m on the losing end here. Though, since I live down the street from Google, I might take a walk and visit to see if I can get any kind of constructive feedback on the situation. We’ll see what comes of this latest round of appeals.


Cutest Dog/Child Interaction

October 3, 2013

Meet Hernn, from Buenos Aires. Hernn has Down Syndrome and Hernn’s particular aspect of his syndrome is that it causes him to shy away from any physical contact. Now meet Himalaya. A persistent and gentle white lab, who, by all accounts, is a very smart and patient dog. The video is a little over 4 […]

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‘Jurassic Park’ Raptor Prank – Very Funny Video

August 29, 2013

Today I saw online this “office prank” that goes way beyond what any amateur could cook up. Trust me. I had slapped it up on my Facebook page where I put up my daily TV listings. I thought I should reshare it here. The stunt, from the safety of your seat, seems pretty obvious. But […]

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‘Star Wars’ Flash Orchestra

April 24, 2013

The musical theme of Star Wars has become a defining classic amongst the world of music. I’d be surprised of any one person heard the music and did not know where it was from. Then there are flash-mobs. Groups of people that come together, from seemingly out of nowhere, and dazzle the citizens in the […]

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Incredible, Must Watch YouTube Video of Friendly Whales

November 30, 2012

Incredible YouTube video of animal/human interaction. First let me say that when people dismiss dogs, cats or other creatures as just animals, it pi**** me off. After having different pets in my life, I find it hard to believe they don’t have some form of intelligence. Animals may be different and don’t have opposing thumbs […]

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Awesome Old TV Ads for Cars + An Interesting Angle

October 29, 2012

Talk about a flashback! Check out this 1963 TV ad comparing a Chevrolet Impala versus a Ford Galaxie. These are how ads were done in the day… serious, somber, informative. (Sounding) I think you’ll love this… (Thanks to Larry R. for the YouTube pointer) – And after Larry pointed me to that one, there were […]

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Funny Movie Trailer Parodies, Prometheus, Avengers, Hunger Games

October 5, 2012

Over on YouTube there’s this account called ScreenJunkies. What I know of them are from some humorous movie trailer parodies. But they could tread a fine line, depending on either how you like a movie or how much you can appreciate the snarky skills used to create these trailers. They get better with the latter […]

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Father & Son Sends Thomas The Train Into Space!

September 27, 2012

This is pretty cool YouTube video where a father and his son put together a mini space missions and send the kid’s toy train into space. But with a little ingenuity, they not only recorded the trip, but were able to recover the data and share it with us! The video was a five month […]

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Seriously Low Fly Overs from YouTube!

September 9, 2012

I was tooling around YouTube looking for something else and I found myself distracted by a few videos that captured my imagination… mostly my imagination of skewed logic and how could they!!! Most of these vids, I don’t think I could have stood there and not ducked. These are some crazy flyovers that are fun […]

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Funny Video for “The Day After” Your Marathon

July 30, 2012

This funny YouTube video is for all the runners out there that do get up, get out and get some running in, 26.2 miles at a time or what not! =

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Watch Joss Whedon’s Acting Gig Produced by Felicia Day in Scary Smash!

July 22, 2012

Yes, you read right… After The Avengers, the man himself, Joss Whedon went on to star in Scary Smash, a production by Felicia Day that’s directed by Daniel Strange. (It must really be strange to direct Joss Whedon!) This latest project that Joss Whedon stars in, Scary Smash, is about a giant monster that kills […]

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When at Work.. Watch Your Internet Usage and Movie Watching!

April 6, 2012

Did you know that data centers used by providers like Google/YouTube & Facebook account for almost 2% of all power consumed by the U.S.? Or roughly…

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YouTube Lets Brands Use Apps Finally

April 4, 2012

YouTube is finally letting brands use apps to customize their specific channels. What this means is that the simplicity of using YouTube is about…

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Brusimm’s Favorite 2012 Super Bowl Ads

February 5, 2012

Here are the 2 funniest 2012 Super Bowl ads I’ve seen so far…

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YouTube Page Turner… What a Hoot to Watch!

January 10, 2012

A cool, mechanical contraption to do what???

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Baby Fruit Bat Video… Cute, If You Appreciate Bats

December 10, 2011

A Bat Video that documents the rescue of a baby FRUIT BAT after a zoo closure. It’s from BAT WORLD SANCTUARY.

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Lab Beagles Freed, Sad But Wonderful Video

December 2, 2011

Did you know that beagles are one of the desired lab test animals because they’re obedient, adaptability to be able to live their entire lives in cages and they’re cheap to feed?

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Press Release Swarm: Snow White, Hallmark, Thanksgiving Parade & More

November 5, 2011

There’s news on the Snow White movie, Martha Stewart, NBC’s Thanksgiving parade telecast, a Jurassic Park game, and a few other actor tidbits.

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