Take A Look Cyclist Mirror – A Consumer Product Review

by on June 16, 2010

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Take A Look Cycle Mirror

This is a consumer product review of the ‘Take A Look Cyclist Mirror.’ I’ve had other mirrors and contraptions, but I find this little bad boy can actually get the job done. All it takes is just a little adjusting and an open mind. (The kind of mind that wears helmets that is. Bicycle Helmet Safety – Your Head, Your Call)

Early last year I had to replace my cycling mirror because the one that I had previously attached to my helmet finally gave up the ghost with it’s sticky 2-sided tape. Once tape gives it up, it’s done. No matter how many kludges you might come up with. I really liked the little round mirror I had, but I was a bit iffy on picking up another 2-sided tape product.

And I didn’t want to get a handlebar mounted mirror. The use of one of those is dependent on your handlebars being positioned just right so you can use it. A helmet / head mounted mirror is always there, in the right spot in relation to your head, ready to use.

I kept seeing people go by me with this ‘Take A Look Cyclist Mirror‘ attached to their heads. I finally started asking folks about it and they all swore by it. The ‘Take A Look Cyclist Mirror’ does not use tape. It attaches to either your helmet or your glasses via an arm that has adjustable elbow joints. (The main selling point is that it attaches to glasses, but I got it to attach to my helmet and works just fine there.) These elbow joints make this cycling mirror a rather handy, and fully adjustable connection. It took a little getting used to the adjustment process and it’s not really something you should do while moving along on your bicycle, but once it’s set up, I think it’s worth it.

Once attached, you’ll then need to make adjustments to the mirror itself. Again, not something you want to do while moving. Yes, my other one was very convenient where I could adjust on-the-fly. But after a little over a year, I had to start considering its replacement. If I change helmets, I’d also have to consider replacements.

In the second image of the cycle mirror, if you could imagine the 3 black grippers rotated 180 degrees, facing up, that’s how I have it gripping my helmet.

With the ‘Take A Look Cyclist Mirror’, it won’t be fading out on me, it can attach to either a helmet or glasses, and compared to the smallish round mirror I did have, the rectangular shape lends itself to a more of a portrait look at the road behind you and all the crazy drivers that are texting and what not with their cell phones rather than looking where they’re headed.

The mirror is not as convenient to adjust, but with multiple elbow hinges holding the mirror itself, you can adjust to how you need to adjust the mirror. I’ve become accustomed to it and fully enjoy my mirror now.

If you pick one up, I’m sure you’ll see what I mean.

Check out what’s available over on Amazon for these or other contraptions for your biking needs.

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