Telemarketer Spam Phone Number 714-923-1942 [How To Beat Telemarketers]

by on February 2, 2011

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How to deal with telemarketers is part of this experience I had today…. check it out and have some fun!

The telemarketer phone number 714-923-1942 has been calling me every day for almost 2 weeks straight. No messages, they just call and hang up if I don’t answer. It had the same area code from a press agent I’ve been dealing with of late, but alas, the rest of the number didn’t match up and “she” never left a message.

So today the phone rang while I was sitting next to it. Ha! I’m in one of those moods where “I’m going to call you on it if you’re stupid enough to do it to me” moods, so I answered. After all these missed calls, how could I possibly not pick up today? Turns out this phone number, 714-923-1942 is for Advanced Access.

I forget his name, but he was real polite, real smooth and real fast.

Mr AA asked “How Are you today?”

‘I’m fantastic. How are you?’

“I’m great, thank you for asking.”

He explained he’s from Advanced Access and his organization is in the business of creating web sites for real estate businesses.

‘That’s great and sounds like a wonderful service!’, I said.

“Are you in the real estate industry?”

‘No, I’m not.’

“unintelligible mumble…” Click!

And that’s the fun of this spam telemarketer phone call today. They’re getting pretty crafty with those quick hang-ups these days. I answered the phone with the intent of verbally requesting my number be removed from their list but he beat me to the punch because I forgot to engage him.

The trick is you need to be ready for these folks and engage them in conversation so they’re taken off their guard. I’m offering this, Oh great, tell me about it; blah blah, then interrupt the caller and ask if you can ask about something they just said. Then, when they’re receptive, you can tell them to add your number to their do-not-call list!

HA! But that’s the trick. If you try to be blunt and upfront, all they do is hang up on you immediately, before you can utter those legally binding words! I mean face it, they’re told what to do because their bosses know what’s up. I can’t really blame the callers. Everyone needs a job, so I won’t blame the messenger, but I sure as hell am going to try and beat them at their own game. Much like my argumentation skills. Set them up for the fall, then when they bite, snap back hard and make a complete fool of them, and do it publicly if you can. It kind of sends them on their way.

A couple of thoughts though:

1) Isn’t it illegal to telemarket to a cell phone, or is that not in-play any more?*

2) If they had my phone number off a list of real estate professionals, their list contains information that is more than six years old.

*) Though a telemarketer might call a cell phone number, if that cell phone number (or any number) has been registered with a business entity, all bets are off in regards to a do-not-call list.

Speaking of which: the Do Not Call List website!

And that, today, was my fun. Hope this helps in some way, shape, fashion or form!

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Kelsie February 23, 2012 at 8:54 pm

something i found… either annoy the telemarketer or scare them…

Act like you’re very interested in what they have to say, then, while they are explaining it, stop them midsentence and say “Well, I’d love to hear more about this, but I have other things to do. Can you give me your home number so I can talk to you about this when I have more time?” They will most likely say no. If they say no, say “Why? Because you don’t wanna be bothered at home?” They should say yes. Say/yell “Now you know how I feel!” then hang up.

You will need two paper or plastic bags. Listen to them for a bit, then interupt them act like someone is at the door and fake answer it. Start saying stuff like “What are you doing? Who are you? Get out of my house!” then pop one of the paper bags by the phone and scream. Pop the second bag by the phone and go silent. After that, either hang up as if the phone cut off or go back and say “So, what are you doing tonight?”

stacy December 6, 2011 at 10:07 am

I put their number as a contact on with the “the number you are calling is not is service…” message. Then when they call again I know who they are and let the call go to the message. Best part is is FREE. You can also use one of their many messages for your friends or record your own. My friends are getting “Santa Baby” for the holidays.

james frank March 23, 2011 at 11:20 am

i just got spammed today by a telemarketer 917 area code

joyce krebs February 19, 2011 at 7:41 am

heres another one thats been calling me..724-316-5747

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