Terra Nova Episode “Proof” Had Giant Big-Finned Fish

by on November 15, 2011

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Stephen Lang and Jason O'Mara in Terra Nova

I think that for once, I was almost interested in the latest episode of Terra Nova, titled Proof. Yes, I keep watching… it’s the lead-in to House, and I keep hoping something will change to improve this stagnate experience. But I’m not hooked on any aspect of the show yet.

It was interesting to see Jim and Taylor actually having a moment together. And once we figure out it was fishing, well, was going OK until they caught a fish, straight out of a Syfy Saturday Night Original movie like Sharktopus. If you have not seen it, they took footage of a Marlin fighting a fishing line and added BIGGER, sharper, more jagged looking fins to it. Sigh.

And I think that was almost the best part of the Terra Nova episode.

This Horton guy, was a quick flash in the pan. One that could have lasted several episodes, but instead, they chose to have his true identity unveiled by Maddy in short, (unbelievable?) order. That is, if you can imagine doing research in The Eye and finding exactly what you need within a minute!

Stephen Lang at TERRA NOVA WonderCon 2011 P4037389.jpg

Taylor found that exiled soldier, Curran, and helped nurse him back to health. Of course, that was all with an ulterior motive in mind. That, and this seemed like yet one more excuse to show that Taylor can jump out of the shadows, yell, and wave a big silvery knife around. With an odd amount of camera focus on the knife. (I guess it was cheaper than the CGI lizard that was 3x his size, but was frightened off with Taylor’s dance.) I really wish they would develop Taylor beyond the 1-dimension butt-kicker he is right now.

Then there was the ill-fated mini-crime spree of Josh’s that didn’t pan out. Apparently he can’t keep a secret.

But we did finally learn something of interest in the Terra Nova episode about the Sixers… or maybe, more specifically, about where they are or aren’t.

When the Sixer boss let Josh talk to his love interest, that seem to break a few rules about contact between the future and the past. If the future could be the only one to instigate contact, how have the Sixers seemingly have mastered the live feed?

I’m starting to wonder if it’s not time that they traveled back through, but just space and distance. And they’re not in their past. I don’t remember if we’ve seen solid proof that they’ve traveled back in time. Have we? Anyone? All I remember from the pilot episode was that it took 15 minutes to get from point A to time traveling.

So for once, something sparked my curiosity in Terra Nova. But isn’t that a little late to have something interesting show up?

Last night’s episode pulled in a 4.8/7. That’s down from last week, wasn’t it? I think the writing is on the wall… literally, it’s better writing on the wall than there seems to be in the scripts. I’m not sure what happened, but Spielberg trying to pull off a J.J. Abrams stunt* isn’t working!

*(Meaning start a show, give it a swift kick in the right direction, then leave it in the hands of someone else.)

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Bruce Simmons November 16, 2011 at 8:52 pm

LOL, Thanks Paul… What? My dispelling love for transparent writing is dissuading you from reshuffling your entire schedule to watch this show? Go figure!

paul forcey November 16, 2011 at 7:05 am

“I think the writing is on the wall literally, its better writing on the wall than there seems to be in the scripts.”
That is a classic line Bruce.

You really are not selling me on this series, I may watch it if it ever comes to netflix.. if there is nothing else on.

It sounded like such a great idea, but i kind of have a set tv schedule for each night of the week and it is hard to add one more in there.

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