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by on February 1, 2015

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The 2015 Super Bowl has come and gone. The rhetorical hype about Super Bowl ads was shooting blanks, the “best ever music concert” with Katy Perry panned out and New England won. And I’ve posted the ads that stood out for me.

Where do we start?

Some of the biggest hype leading into the Super Bowl is about the TV commercials. These ads cost roughly $9 million a minute and most of the good ads were already previewed online way before the game. The Budweiser dog and “pony” ad was the winner of the day, while one of the Esurance ads with “Walter White” was a wonderfully pleasant surprise because I had not seen it yet. And the Kim Kardashian T-Mobile ad for the internet bandwidth was funny where she made fun of herself. (There were rumors that Budweiser was dropping the horses from their campaign. I hope this isn’t the last we will be seeing the horses.)

Game of War must be making serious bucks to be able afford one of these ad spots. I guess giant breasted battle maidens pay off for video games. Yay Kate Upton.

Otherwise, most of the ads were dull and boring, much like any other overly loud TV commercial we hear in any other time of the year.

Katy Perry made one heck of an entrance in a giant mechanical lion. It looked pretty cool, but her next two songs looked like Perry was trying to embrace her inner-Beyonce with that angry singing look.

Yay for Lenny Kravitz.

And the victims of the alleged inflategate won the Super Bowl, so that will always hang over this title no matter what the findings come up with.

Regardless of that, this game paid out in the intensity factor with the score being close, right up to the very end.

Game of War – Who I Am

YT Link

Budweiser – Lost Dog

YT Link

Walter White

YT Link

Victoria’s Secret Angels

YT Link

A list of all the ads that took place during the game, is over at

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