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The Amazing Race newsTonight is the season finale of the 21st season of The Amazing Race. It’s been a great season where we’ve seen more camaraderie amongst teams than other seasons, though that did break down a bit between a few teams as the seasons wore on.

Tonight, the tow-hour season finale had Josh and Brent (J&B); Trey and Lexi (T&L), Jaymes and James (J&J), & Natalie and Nadiya (N&N) facing off in the penultimate leg of the race around the world.

This is a bit of a terse recap so here we go:

It starts out with teams headed out to pick up a cargo of 8 crates to a Chateau.

N&N are grumbling about how “the gays” are following the three teams.. This quote from the women who kept another team’s money earlier on in the season. N&N have their own roadblock to tackle and while everyone runs to their cars, N&N are yelling out to the other teams that they have to lose J&B. They keep yelling it.

I’ve lost every ounce of respect for these girls when they found the other team’s money and knowingly kept it from them. Grr.

The twins from season 21 of The Amazing RaceN&N’s roadblock was fairly lame, like most of the roadblocks this season. They had to tie up a woman’s corset.

The rest of the teams head off to find Leonardo da Vinci’s resting place. Then they had to pick a challenge: Either feed a pack of hunting hounds or to use a traditional horse and plow to till a field.

Despite the twins, the teams are still pretty helpful with each other, even at this late stage of the game.

Trey and Lexi hit up the plowing. The twins get to the hound feeding challenge. Then continue to taunt Josh and Brent. J&J get to the horse plowing challenge.

Trey and Lexi finish first and off to the next challenge. Jaymes and James follow up pretty quickly. These two are out in front.

Now, the teams have to find mushrooms in an underground construct, 10 of each, from 3 different mushroom varieties. Trey/Lexi got there first. On their tails were Jaymes/james.

Josh/Brent finished their dog feeding task first, and got out of there before Nat/Nad. But Josh/Brent aren’t so hot with figuring out roads and directions. This may be their downfall.

Dating couple from The Amazing RaceTrey/Lexi finish first and are leading the pack. Jaymes/James goofed on their first attempt at pulling off the ‘shroom challenge, but get off second to the pit stop.

LOL… now the twins are following Josh and Brent at the ‘shroom location.

Jaymes and James get to the pit stop FIRST. Team No. 1. (Trey/Lexi had to stop for directions to get to the pit stop. J/J went straight there.) Trey & Lexi are 2nd.

The ‘shroom challenge looked close between the twins and Josh/Brent. Nat/Nad get out of there first. This becomes a challenge of navigation between the two teams. It looked like the twins went the wrong way, but J&B were encountering detours and not following the suggestions.

In the end, Josh and Brent BECOME the 3rd team to check in at the pit stop.

Natalie and Nadiya were eliminated from the race. I’m not heart broken. I had really enjoyed watching them through this season until they snagged the money of the other team. Then they got pretty obsessed with Josh and Brent.

NOW… It’s

Jaymes and James (J&J)
Trey and Lexi, (T&L)
Josh and Brent, (J&B)

For the final, the 12th leg of The Amazing Race.

Chippendales from The Amazing RaceJ&J leave first, with the teams headed off to New York, New York to Coney Island. But then all the teams bottleneck up at the airport and the race is on!

They all get to Coney Island and get lost looking for their clue. The clues are sneaky in how they’re hidden. Trey and Lexi figure it our first, but Josh and Brent are right on their tails.

Jaymes and James are totally confounded but figured it out last. (The clue was in a poster on the wall.)

This next challenge replicates Houdini’s straight-jacket escape trick. The teams don’t realize that getting out of the jacket awards them with a bungee drop.

Trey polishes this off pretty fast. Josh and Brent are right behind them, then Jaymes and James.

On to the very first pizzeria in New York! It’s up to them to figure it out though but they figure it out that it’s Lombardi’s. Now they have to deliver 10 pizzas. It was a huge memorization test. No one could write anything down.

Josh and Brent were crashing on this one, while Trey and Lexi finished it up clean and quick. Off to the United Nations Headquarters. At this stage of the season finale, it looks like Trey and Lexi’s to lose.

The final challenge… pair up all the hello and goodbye greetings from the different countries they visited. Every season ends with a memory challenge.

Trey & Lexi have a little bit of time with the challenge but then Josh and Brent show up. Then Jaymes and James show up. My household had no faith the the Chippendale boys.

While watching it live, I was starting to wonder if this would be the game-changer for the underdogs. We’ll see. ‘Cause no one was paying attention to any of the greetings they were given.

Hmm… Lexi starts to appear to buckle emotionally. Jaymes and James seemed pretty relaxed and Josh and Brent were doing the methodical approach.

We jump to 2.5 hours later and they’re still at it. Josh and Brent seem the closest at this point. But then we see that Jaymes and James were one away.

Josh and Brent finish first and get their clue to go find Gotham Hall. Then Jaymes and James finish second.

Josh and Brent, winners of The Amazing Race season 21

THE WINNERS of the 21st season finale of THE AMAZING RACE, coming from behind on almost every leg, and winning the ONLY leg of the race, was Josh Kilmer-Purcell and Brent Ridge, goat farmers and life partners from Sharon Springs, N.Y.!

Congrats guys!

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