The Amazing Race Season Finale Recap for May 9th

by on May 9, 2010

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After 40,000 miles, it came down to a little sneakiness in airport terminals, seat swapping on the airliner and just good developing foot races with some “dumb ass” taxi drivers, angry threats of face punching and wanting to toss someone around in the airport was just another day in The Amazing Race.

They head out from Shanghai to San Francisco. Despite the Cowboys Jet and Cord getting to the line 2nd, Dan and Jordan (The Brothers) got there and placed their back packs in the line in front of the Cowboys. Sneaky, crappy and for the Cowboys, very frustrating. They wanted to toss them around the airport, but thought best against it, considering they were in an airport.

While everyone is on the airplane, the Brothers get the flight attendant to move them up to first class and that is what I suspect, made the race for them. A brave move and great plotting on their part. For me, I was confused. I thought the racers had to sit in coach!? I’m guessing I’m wrong since no one was penalized for that.

The teams hit up Battery Godfrey, then climbed Coit Tower in downtown San Francisco. They performed a challenge at Lucasfilm, and then they had to carry a trunk from the Tonga Room to the Great American Music Hall, where from there, they get a clue which leads them to the finish line of The Amazing Race, at Candlestick Park.

During the legs, the aside from how the Brothers got that edge on the other 2 teams, the models had issues with their taxi driver who got them lost and The Models (Brent and Caite) and Caite started calling the driver a dumb ass and repeated her desire to punch Brent in the face. I’m thinking she doesn’t handle stress well.

After the Lucasfilm challenge, the Models realized they left all their money back at that challenge and that’s the last we saw of them.

The Brothers made it Candlestick Park and won the Amazing Race, with the Cowboys not too far behind, but alas, they were runner-ups.

Of course, while everyone ran to the finish line, it was apparent that Brandy was still peeved from getting U-turned by the Models and it showed as she acted all disgusted about whatever was up her ***!

She had a few choice words for Caite, which just served to prove how spiteful she can be… just in case we, the viewers were wondering if she had let go, like every else does after these reality TV contests finish up.

Oh well. A sad and ugly demonstration if you ask me.

Recap: The brothers, Dan and Jordan won The Amazing Race.

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